I found out yesterday that I created quite a stir among certain part of surfcasting community…unknowingly mind you. It seems like some people got their panties in a bunch because I opened my seminar at River’s End last Saturday by saying you can’t catch a big fish on a plug.

Except , I never said that.

What I said that if you are going to hunt for big fish your best options are in this order, live bait, cut or dead bait and then plugs. No surprise here to anyone who has been fishing for more than five minutes. There are very few spots were plugs are the only way to reach a fish and even there, the wetsuit will usually taker care of that

However, someone obviously wanted to twist this to benefit them. As if the guy who wrote a book on fishing with lures would ever make such a statement? The easy thing to do would be to call these fellows out but that is not what we do here.

Now that I got that out of the way, let me resume my regularly scheduled broadcast. Maybe we should be giving fresh bunker away or live eels instead of plugs? There is an idea

It was also brought to my attention that whatever I write here or talk in seminars could affect sales along the coast. Wow…we knew we were good but not that good. That is just silly however

Our job is to bring information to you, about lifestyle, conservation, new products, new places. But that is where we end and your research begins. Don’t ever let something written on this blog serve as a only reason why you bought a product or went to a certain place. You should do your own diligence on any products we feature on blog or mag.

Remember, your grandma silver spoon with attached hook  will catch a fish in  blitz.

As you can tell, today is a kind of a day when I wondered why I spent more than half a day making a 2 minute video on tuning a metal lip swimmer…or why does SJ still exists ? I am thisclose from walking away from all this…. 

Speaking of big fish…there are different views on how to set the drag. In fact there are different views on how to release the fish, hook a bunker, sharpen your hook, what waders are the best, what broad casts better and most importantly and something that keeps most of us up at night, who makes the best wood plug ……..right.

Who do I listen  to ? The people I respect. Like John Skinner

So here is yet another video for your amusement and education


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  1. Nick

    (quote)It was also brought to my attention that whatever I write here or talk in seminars could affect sales along the coast. Wow…we knew we were good but not that good. That is just silly however(quote)

    Z since you effect the economy so much, I think you should run for POTUS, just have to change the constitution so you can run.

  2. CTMatt

    I don’t want to say specifics but once I had a well known lure maker tell me I was hurting their sales because of a legitiamte preferance question…I was surprised they thought I would have such an effect on such a successful company.

    Sorry some slob gotcha mad…go take the toyota out for a spin!

  3. bunufish

    If there is any consolation, I attempted to rig some eels last nite. Managed to get through 3, using a mis mosh of the Al Bentson technique you posted and your zip tie method… I think I need to see if my wife will let me have her ipad near me, when I do the rigging so I can follow it step by step, the next time. I got tired and decided to try my hand at skinning 2 of the remaining eels… I think I did a really really good job… =) Now I need to find a video on what to do with the eel skins.

  4. russmurr

    I was also at that Rivers End seminar and I recall you telling the story of your first “Guide” experience when the gentlemen you were fishing with could not catch a fish and you were standing right next to him catching fish. So you gave him your lure and he still could not catch a fish. You then took out of your bag a new yellow needle plug first cast you landed a 44pounder and the gentlemen said that was his fish. So why would you tell the audience this story about a 44 pounder on a plug if you can’t catch big fish on plugs? By the way excellent seminar learned a lot both at Rivers End and CT. Surfcasters seminars. Keep up the excellent work, your passion for the sport is an inspiration to all of us and we are all benefitting from your vast knowledge.
    Thanks again..

  5. Jasonb2

    I personnaly appreciate all that you do! PLease keep up the good work. Take a full day off Z. Dont let the little people get you upset about what you enjoy. Peace

  6. Lee S.

    INSPIRATION, MOTIVATION, KNOWLEDGE, WISDOW. These are the things you give to the masses. You also happen to be a darn nice fellow to run into on the beach. Thanks for all that you do. Forget the haters. They have their own problems. Don’t let them get to you. It’s the same in most walks of life. Walk tall my brother.

  7. big biscuit

    ‘Z’ don’t sweat the small stuff or the small people. You do a great job passing on your knowledge and experiences. Don’t let a few bad apples ruin your day.

  8. scott

    I will have to disagree with your ability too sell a product.I myself do not have the time or ability to fish alot of different products therefore I use your website and journal to review these products for me. I have personnally purchased 3 items you gave favorable reviews and am happy with them! Don’t sell your opinion short,if you didnt move product your advertising wouldn’t be there.

    Have a good season

  9. Don Brown

    Z whether your doing a seminar or your talking to the guys on the beach or communicating on the Internet your gonna run into guys like this.Thats life.There’s one in every crowd sort of thing.No matter how good a guy is at what ever he dose there is going to be those people who are going have some thing to say.Thats the way it is.Developing thick skin helps a lot.

  10. RAVEN

    Don’t get MAD Zeno ..get even… *smile (never quit)

    ya know that carpenter jig called Kreig jig… that pre drills
    wood for hidden screw joints on furniture….?

    i’ve been thinking that a plug that has numerous holes drilled into it on an angle like that and then stuffed with an absorbent material to “hold”
    scent would work almost as well as live bait. Maybe someone could give that a shot and post back here.

    the loaded redfins with menhaden oil works in the same way.

  11. harv

    Haha u wanna catch a big fish go tuna fishing lmao And all we use are plugs! Plugs! Plugs! Tatoos sea pups! Dam its because u zeno no plug I buy 30 new plugs a year. Ie just got 2 new guppy pencils I saw on scj & atom 40 from ronnie at lordship AND the other 10,000 plugs I have jeez what’s wrong w u man. Its like nancy pelosi twisting the words. Oh yea how bout the 10 $40 plugs I bought from gary soldati that I saw guess where? Up ur underwear
    on SCJ that’s where googans unite. U mess w zeno I’m gonna bitch slap u & hook u in the arse. Forget about those assclowns as corey would say

  12. Jim O'Dowd

    Opinons are like a**holes everybodies got one. Your writing, presentations and videos are great keep’em coming. Just goes to show jealousy is an ugly thing.And this friggin weather doesn’t help.

  13. Tony Marchisotto


    Great Job AS ALWAYS… Why is it that some people only hear what THEY WANT TO HEAR? Thanks for the video Skinner is pretty good at what he does too.


  14. TRisser

    Z. I want to say you words of wisdom using creative media are very much appriciated. I know this season I will look at the ocean different, set up my equipment different, and select plugs different because of learning gained from SJ. For people who don’t live by the ocean this blog is almost like time spent on the water. I don’t know all the effort you put into the content but I truly appriciate the end product. Keep it up!

  15. CTMatt

    Man some of you guys are just nuts…

    Z I hate to say it but when you have a unique publication that is wildy popular and you have folks that hang on every word and every second of video you edit there are going to be shmucks who turn things around and use it against you. You just have to have a tough skin at times and remember that ISN’T the population SJ gives a crap about.

    Just move on and don’t let those losers twist your words…they are jealous, lonely jetty humpers that have nothing better to do with their lives. They represent a small population that you shouldn’t waste your time addressing. By getting steamed they win. Don’t give them the ammunition to continue being asshats…ignore them and the true subscribers/supporters of you, Tommy, Lou and the gang will help make SJ even better in 2011. Screw them. What seminars and advice are they providing to promote the sport? How are they contributing in a positive manner for catch/release, for conservation, for public awareness, for the fun of the sport?

  16. chuck gricus

    How about supplying the names of those whose panties are in a bunch so i can make certain not to buy their products, of which there are hundreds more on the market. My experience has been less of WHAT you fish than HOW you fish it and how long you keep it in the water… Just my 2 cents

  17. Aram

    Yup. The economic engines have stalled because of your talk at River’s End.

    And, I think this is related, Stonehenge has toppled, probably because you said something that could be construed as disrespectful to rocks during your discussion.

    Parse every word and pull out of context. I can probably find Z quotes that would make you an honorary member of PETA.

    I’ll probably get hate mail for that last bit. Nothing against PETA. To each his own. I myself choose to be a carnivore, but I avoid taking/eating stripers, just because.


  18. RatherBeInRI

    Don’t let them play politics with you, we appreciate educated opinions on products and techniques. If somebody or some company/organization disagrees, let them cry about it, but don’t slip on their tears. Keep up the good work, biased or not, and the consumers can choose the value of the content!

  19. Mark

    No good deeds go unpunished unfortunately. There is always one or many that see someone who has gained notoriety and is respected and need to build themselves up by thinking to themselves and re-iterating to others. How they have been doing it longer, have caught bigger, have better technique and know more than the expert who has busted his ass made a name for himself through hard work and perseverance. While the self appointed expert sat on his butt and talked about it.

    Keep doing what you are doing many appreciate what you bring to the table. Unfortunately the hard work may at times be taken for granted like a morning coffee. I know it will be sorely missed if taken away.

    Try and stay away from effumall.

  20. pistol pete

    I was there, and at no time did you say you cant catch a big fish with plugs… Some people have selective hearing, and hear what they want to hear, they way they want to hear it.

    I heard a plug “purist” complaining to his girlfriends right after your seminar at rivers end about “eeew… why would I want to waste my time making a slimy gross rigged eel? i would much rather catch a fish on a plug” Go buy some golf clubs and get a manicure buddy…

  21. Chris LeLong

    There will always be nay-sayers and haters.
    Don’t let em get to ya.
    You put together a great mag and blog. You’re hard work and dedication are appreciated by many, myself being just one.

  22. woodwker99

    Z. to quote a great man…”NEVER GIVE UP NEVER SURRENDER!” Thank you for what you and the SJ crew do. Most of us are paying attention and hang on every bit of information.


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