Back by popular demand


No, not me…the STRIPERTHON contest

but first

the winner of Guppy Pencil popper is  Brian  …

please furnish your shipping address to

For those of you who are antsy for the official start of the season in NY and are looking for fresh bunker, Mike at Saltwater’s Tackle in West Islip has it. How does he keep it so fresh and slimy is anyone guess but the dude has some of the best fresh bait around.

Some of you asked whose lure was that in the Tuning the Metal Lip Swimmer video…it was lure that is made 515 Engendered Lures from NJ …His website is

He gave me two plugs at one if the NJ shows few weeks ago, I thought it was a nice color for contrasting against water on video. That was the first time I used it..or I should say seen it as Lou Caruso aka the Rod Gure was the one that actually did the casting

Some of you have emailed us asking if we will do another catch, photo and release contest this year. I am happy to tell you that STRIPERTHON 2011 will make a  debut with our next issue. I know, I know, the first thing we are going to hear is you should have started early, we been catching fish already. Look, I got barely time to pee between my regular job, cook, chauffeur, writer, don’t need me naming  them all. You all do these same things with your families….so you know the deal

We thought that contest was great idea, we just needed a little time to catch a breath after last winter voting… Great sponsors like St Croix Rods, Penn Reels, Hansom pliers, Commando Custom bags, Guides Choice lures, Super Strike Lures, Tsunami Lures, Line Stretcher Lures, Wiley X polarized shades also showed their commitment to conservation and promotion of catch and release within ten minutes of being contacted. Sorry, you not getting that gorgeous Toyota Tundra 🙂

So, yes, we will do this once again this year so charge your camera batteries and sharpen up your hooks


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4 comments on “Back by popular demand

  1. big biscuit

    Looks like I’ll have to start carrying a camera around on my fishing excursions. Over the years when ever I caught a big girl I’ve never had a camera with me. So now I don’t like to carry one out of superstition. Oh well out with the old and in with the new. Bring it!!!

  2. Greg Tucceri

    As is your 2010 champ, can’t wait to capture that moment and try to defend the crown, my camera man included.Good luck to all. And thanks to all the the sponsors for getting behind this.


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