ODM one piece blanks – by Lou Caruso

Blog post by SJ Rod Guru Lou Caruso

Some time ago I was chatting with the owner of ODM rods. We spoke of the lack of variety when it came to one piece rods here in the northeast. You have the old standby Lamiglas, Cousins in 9’ and 10’ lengths and CTS. The problem with the one piece is shipping and availability. It has become cost prohibitive to get one piece blanks without buying a large volume of them to offset the shipping costs. Jokingly I suggested ODM get into one piece blanks as there 2 piece rods have proven to be quite nice. Little did I know it was already in the works. Last month the prototypes arrived. There are presently 3 blanks. A 10’ rated 1-5 and 2, 11’ rated ¾-4 and 2-6.  I built all 3 in a few days and went and tested them. Usually we shoot a video when testing, and it’s 5 degrees with a 25 MPH wind blowing but due to conflicts in schedules we just couldn’t get it done. I went to a local pier and spent 3 hrs testing all 3 rods. I casted within their limits, below their limits and all types of plugs and tins. All of them handled the load beautifully. I have to say, casting is effortless and all 3 rods casted with very good distance. All of them casted directly into a 15-10 mph wind that was blowing at the time and handled it well.odm-finished

From the beginning, I was really liking the 11’ 2-6 and it didn’t disappoint. That rod has some serious power and I can see it handling big water, big currents and big plugs with ease. It will also be an excellent rod where you need to manhandle fish to keep them out of structure and away from rocks and obstructions. The thing I found interesting was that it also threw an SP minnow well. ODM did a fine job designing all of these blanks with a tip soft enough to throw lighter plugs with enough mid-section power to also throw heavier plugs with ease.


The other 2 are both excellent and all 3 would handle places like Montauk or Cutty very well.

After I was done testing, I offered them up locally to anyone wanting to join me and give the rods a shot. First test was in the parking lot. I had one of the guys hold the rod while I pulled down on the line. After almost pulling him out of his shoes, I had him cup the spool and hold on. I was pulling so hard the 30 pound braid let loose. This was on the 10’ 1-5. That rod has some serious backbone.

We went down to the water where they threw a variety of lures in different weight ranges and of different types. The rods were all sensitive and all handled poppers and pencils well. When the guys figured out they didn’t have to put a lot of effort into their casts they all got some pretty impressive distance on the casts. After we got back the guy were posting their reactions to the rods on the internet. There was some feedback as to whether or not they would handle fish and fight them well. Unfortunately the season was over and I never got the chance to fight fish on them, but have caught fish on similar ODM 2 piece rods. The ¾-4 weight class handled 30 pound plus bass in a strong current with ease, and would I not hesitate for a second to hook up with any fish that swims our waters with these new 1 piece rods.

These with only be available as blanks for rod builders. There will be no factory rods due to shipping logistics. The blanks will have distribution points at least in NY and NJ and possibly Mass. in the beginning so either you or your builder will have the ability to go pick them up.

I wanted to get this out before the show season begins, because as I always say, go check them out for yourself. ODM will have them on display starting with Striper Day here on Long Island. Prices are listed on ODM’s website.(www.odmrods.com)striperday17

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