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Continuing with few of my favorite things thoughts…and the timing could not be better. Every time I open my surf bag I feel like most of the lures in my bags are the gifts that keep on giving. He is too skinny and handsome to play the part of a real St. Nick but Mr. Steve Musso is about as close to a magical character that fulfills surfcasters wishes as we are ever  going to get.santa (145 of 168)_1

Its no secret that my bag has in the past held 80 to 95% lures made by Super Strike lures. There have been years when due to injury I fished nothing but bucktails, and years like this one where I fell in love with Sebile Stick Shads and sometimes went out with a dozen in my bag (this is for different reasons than carrying Super Strike however). I’ve fished with just about every lure maker product over the past thirty years or so but I keep coming back to Super Strike.P10100011.jpg

I truly believe that big reason for this is a confidence have in the lures, their durability and mostimportant consistency. The wood is good, but will never beat plastic in consistency. I have to mention that I find it amusing when uniformed idiots (and I am being kind) take upon themselves to bash Super Strike this year because their favorite store might not have received enough of them as in the past. The simple truth is that Super Strike, after all these years, finally moved into an official shop and out of the house basement. Of course there were unforeseen delays which put production a little behind the curve, and with an increased demand there was a noticeable shortage. But I know personally that Mr Musso has been working his ass off with his staff to catch up. In fact he canceled all appearance at all shows this winter so he can stay in the shop and crank more plugs. this includes Striper Day, so you know he is taking this stuff seriously. But I guess its easier to go on these sites, where people who would find reason to spit on Mother Teresa if she ever comes down from heaven, and spread garbage instead of facts. Because facts take time to research, garbage  just comes our of their mouths naturally.

Anyway, back to why. I understand some of you (probably very few) are new and truly do not know how deadly this things are. But it wont take long until you get your own appreciation  for those lures that might equal or exceed my ownSJ-Striperthon-2013-300x1991.jpg

Little Neck Popper

2 3/8  black eye, cast like a missile , pops like a champ (deadly at night on a slooooooooow retrieve) , deadly with eel skins. One of the best all around popping plugs ever made


Pick em’….short, long, fast sink, slow sink. They are one of my favorite. Any time but particularly at night, generally first lure out of my bag. I don’t care if there is one or zillion sand eels or none in the area, May or November or August, I would never went to beach at night without one.


Bottle plug

Good in  rough water, good fast water plug, good big bait profile. Extremely underused and under appreciated plug1538640_10202026385759037_430784445_n


No need for intro here. I own maybe few hundred SS darters. Yes, I like darters. In calm to moderate surf, any day of the week and twice on Sundays. You can get them working a little faster in slow water but they really excel in the fast shallow water, like ones found around Montauk Point.20150607_014526

Merry Christmas to all of you !


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  1. Mike Campanelli

    Super Strike plugs? Never heard of them, but the fish I catch have. Merry Christmas and may 2017 bring nothing but tight lines.

  2. Terry Flynn

    Merry Christmas to all our Surf Fishing family at Surfcasters Journal , New Jersey loves you guys !!!!!! God Bless You Always


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