New Yo-Zuri 165F Darter underwater video

I meant to do this for few weeks now but today I finally had some time to run to Jones Inlet to do a quick underwater video. Those off you that fish Jones will recognize ..the lettuce

I fully intend to make a video about “castabilty” of this large 2 ounce 6.5 inch YoZuri Darter but that is a project for another day. This was a one man production…having said that between driving, filming and editing I spent more than 4 hours to make a 3 minute video. Is that insane or what ? You’d think I’d get better at this #@#$%^ after few years? I guess not

So in this video we are strictly going to look at the “action” of this larger YoZuri darter in comparison to original smaller version. Nothing more , nothing less. I am not sure if hooks that came with my sample are going to included in final version that will hit stores, but I am expecting and hoping they are. They are solid hooks instead of POS stuff that you get with SP Minnow.




3 comments on “New Yo-Zuri 165F Darter underwater video

  1. jimmy z

    Thanks for the vid Z. I love the mag darter, but wasn’t too keen on the 5″.
    This larger size is what I need.

  2. Scott C

    I like the way they avoided the weed 😉
    It seems as if the larger model has a slight pause in the wiggle every now and then (almost SS darter like)


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