Fishing the Tropics and weekend tourney


For whatever reason I always had this desire to fish in tropical locations. Most people think it’s the hot weather, even hotter women and cold beer, but I am not sure that is it. I have a very good looking wife, I don’t particularly like heat and I  drink less than six pack a year (or so I claim). Then it must be the lure of tropical species ! The speed to which roosters and other warm water species attack is mind boggling. But on the end of the day, the reason is…….people

I come from a very simple background , we never bought a tomato, we only ate it in season when we grew it. And you know what it tasted like (something I then took for granted) ? Like a tomato, something many of you born in USA will never know what it should taste like. You will  either have to plant your own or buy organic. My point is, all these places remind me of my childhood. The food tastes like food should taste, very little if any preservatives. And  people are still friendly and kind. They live very simple lives, they look our for each other and yes, they still communicate via verbal world instead of Google emojis. In such an unspoiled version of my world, add some very powerful and colorful fish and I am ready to go any time my friends can put a trip together…which is not often.

So when Ryan White from Advance Fishing /  Century Rods told me he has room in the trip he is planing I was in within three minutes ( 2 1/2 minutes to ask my wife if it’s ok with it, another half a minute to stop uncontrollable laughter of joy). Well, out of our party of 4,  two guys canceled a week of the departure leaving only a Ryan and I. We were both psyched until hurricane Matthew threw wrench into our plans as Ryan was flying from Virginia. Until the morning of our trip we did not know if we would go or cancel the trip. Finally on Saturday the 8th at 1 37 AM I got a text from Ryan that he was on the way to airport in VA.

For this trip Ryan built three special travel rods for everyone in the crew, which now meant him and I. A five piece 12′ 6″ rocket launcher with titanium guides, a 9 footer lighter action and even a 6 ‘ for boat jiggin. More on this later…p1010184

I got to tell you, I was just psyched to be in the air as I am writing this from Amercian Airline flight 22 from Dallas Fort Worth to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Now into second leg of our  flight and about hour from Mexico, I need a cold beer..I think my six-pack-a-beer-a-year habit is about to be broken.20161012_065303

I am not sure if some of you can visualize the a place so remote where no one has ever needed or had a use for a mailman or post office. The number of dogs and chickens probably outnumbers people 10 to 1. There is no supermarkets here, not Chinese food of pizza. Having said that, there is no lack of places to eat and not only that they will serve you insanely good food, but also at prices you will have to do a double take when you get a bill.20161013_065208

One day, five of us fished together and decided to stop by a restaurant right on the beach. Once we got up a steep stairway, we had breathtaking views and even a pool if we wanted to jump in and cool off. Five guys with three large appetizers, five lunches ( my shrimp diablo was insane!) and about 10 beers. The cost for the whole thing?

600 Mexican pesos

Sounds like a lot until you converted to US dollars

600 pesos =about $35

And this was a fancier restaurant then most in this area!20161012_080106


More to come as I can hopefully find time to sit down and write between tides.

Unique tournament coming this weekend on LI

As many of you know, sometimes during this summer we made a decision that we would no longer promote tournaments after this fall with exception of this one which we already committed to mentioning last winter. That’s part of the reason why we did not mentioned The Fisherman Montauk or South Shore Clasic or other tournaments that supported very worth causes

You can get the info  about it right here


From what we have been told there will be weight masters positioned at key points so that the fish can be weighted on the beach and released if the angler choses to do so.

3 comments on “Fishing the Tropics and weekend tourney

  1. Andy Kendrick

    Nice write up Dave. Although it does sound like you are suffering terribly with prices, scenery and company 😉 Looking forward to part II already!

  2. Joe GaNun

    From the description I thought you were going to tell us you went to the Adirondacks or Eastern Canada.
    Can’t wait to hear about you hookin up a roosta on that 12 footer.


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