New Video, Concept Guide Layout with Lou Caruso

It is my pleasure to bring you another original video by Surfcaster’s Journal.

In this video , Surfcaster’s Journal Rod Guru Lou Caruso will show you a  guide layout using  a concept system . Pretty neat and can be used on just about any surf rod.


Of course you can always reach Lou by just clicking on the button on the right hand side at the bottom of this page

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18 comments on “New Video, Concept Guide Layout with Lou Caruso

  1. CTMatt

    After seeing this it makes you wonder why folks buy factory rods…like a shoe that doesn’t fit! I fall under that category until I can save up for my first custom!

  2. Backlash

    Hey Lou. Very interesting video. Well done! Can we see the finished product and it’s field test next? This concept design is intriguing to me. It appears to maximize the full potential of the blank by evenly loading it and eliminating strees points. The line will folow the contour of the blank with the line being closer to it, no? Does this improve castability also? I am concerned about line slap with the first guide being so small in diameter and the reel spool much larger. Is that a valid concern? The technology that goes into rod building has come a long way. What will they think of next?

  3. Allen W

    Great video! Lou really carefully explains this theory of how his rods come out so well. I agree with ‘Backlash’ and would love to see a field test done. Very intriguing to find out why this ‘concept’ performs so well. Thanks SJ, Zeno and Lou!

  4. KenD

    Way to go Lou…very informative and concise. Bravo. I can’t wait to pick up my new rod….11 ft conventional built for plugging….not bait. I brand new Saltists 20H and 30H ready to go, both spooled up with Sufix Tri-Plus. See you next week. I’ll give you a call tomorrow. Folks, if you haven’t had a rod built for you by this man, you’re missing the boat. This will be my 4th rod built by Lou, and I’ll probably have him build me a couple more. His work is simply amazing.


  5. Jeff S.

    Lou I was just lucky this past weekend and won your 10′ composite surf rod with no reel seat. My question is how do I determine where to place the reel on the rod? Is there a tape you recommend to use to tape the reel to the rod? Thanks and I look forward to many years fishing the rod.


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