Have a nice weekend

I don’t want to keep you in suspense too long.

Eric P guessed first that Roger’s favorite picture is one of the squid found on  page 153. For his good guess Eric will win this custom lure made by Big Rock. Eric, please email your shipping address at info@surfcastersjournal.com. Some of you have asked if Big Rock has a website, he used to have one, not sure why is down now. If I get some info I will share it with you.

I ran into a friend few nights ago at a social event. This fellow surfcasters has been plying the beaches for more years then I have been walking. This alone should tell you that dude is aged like a fine wine. But he has not only a lifetime of experience in the surf to draw from, he is also one of the most knowledge surfcasters when it comes to fishing with lures.

He told me he bought a small 2 ounce Danny Darter kit from Salty and assembled it. He took it for a swim recently and could not believe what this lure did! He said the last time he seen a darter dart that unpredictably was when Danny Pichney made them and never since. I thought it was interesting  observation coming from a guy who’s been at his craft for so long. Having guys from that generation excited about something….let’s just say that those guys have seen it all and went out trough a lot of overpriced crap over the years.

7 comments on “Have a nice weekend

  1. achase

    Z, I was listening when those darters were mentioned and bought a couple right away.
    You guys have to check out Salty’s. Their stuff looks great and the prices are very low!
    They seem very helpful, too. I had a couple of questions about assembling my kit and they answered my emails immediately and with alot of detail.
    Have a great weekend

  2. Bill H

    Congrats to the winner. I have spent the last several winters putting together Saltys kits. They swim as well as most plugs out there. Met Scott at a show several years ago, nice guy and took the time in a busy show to answer my questions. Since my plug colors of choice are white, yellow and well thats it, so the painting is easy as can be.

  3. Salty

    Thanks guys I appreciate hearing the feedback and glad you like the plugs. I actually met a life friend of Danny’s over the weekend at the Somerset show. Very nice gentleman. We had a great conversation about the man over an hour or so. Guy had very intimate knowledge of what Danny did and how things were done back then. WAY cool and I’m humbled.


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