New Tip of The Week video and STRIPERTHON Standings

New Video in Surf Fishing Tip of the Week series

Surf Fishing Tip of the Week #22-  Roy Leyva on Cape Cod Canal tides

Congratulation to all the guys that places in this year STRIPERTHON 2017 tournament. As you can see, the fishing is not what it used to be as we did not fill up all the spots even with a new moon tides and good weather. We are going to continue to encourage our readers to be conservation minded and to harvest with care. This does not mean that we will turn into a tree huggers who are opposed to keeping a fish but we believe that while the stripped bass stocks are low, we should do our part to try to help them recover. On the personal level I am continually disappointed by the attitudes  of surfcasters in the few places where fishing is still ok, who do not seem to know or care what is going on with stocks along the rest of the striper coast and are literally will keep (and sell) as many fish as legally allowed.


1st place Tim Surprenant 40 inch

2nd place Michael Battaglia 38 inch

3rd place Brian DiMento 36

4th place Mike Benzinger 34 inch

5th pace Ed Sousa 34 inch

We would like to thank again to to all of our STRIPERTHON 2017 Sponsors for providing great prizes

Prizes for the Spring 2017 STRIPERTHON
1.ODM 10’6 Frontier NXFX-1066 Surf Rod (
2.Van Staal 7 inch Titanium pliers (
3.Costa Del Mar Sunglasses (
4.Super Strike Lures Set (
5.Guppy Lure Co Set (

5 comments on “New Tip of The Week video and STRIPERTHON Standings

  1. J Audet

    I’ll be the guy to say it. The canal guys need to stop keeping so many fish. And big ones. I think there should be special regulations there. But really, the number of fish taken in boats is staggering from what I see, compared to shore. It’s infuriating to me. Day after day, boats go out with 8 people keep 8 fish sometimes twice a day. The outer cape and certain places on Long Island and NJ, for example, are like a slaughter during certain months.

    We’re, hmm, maybe 5 years from moratorium? Can’t believe I didn’t have a fish to enter in this or surf rats ball THE WHOLE MONTH. It’s insanity. 42 days in the suds since April 29. Only 1 fish over 25lbs. It’s sickening. I’m losing my mind.

  2. saxatilis2015

    you are so right, tens fo thousands large breeders not being released it’s a fucking shame we know better take a picture take a measure release if possible come boys let’s be smart and take charge of this problem ourselves before big gov
    ‘t does

  3. JGNH

    The canal fits perfectly into the new way we like to do things, concise and accessible. If the fish are there, you can find them relatively fast. How many other places along the coast are that user friendly to such a large demographic? No beach sticker required there, long walks, nope, and really not that crowded considering. 2 major roadways leading right up to it. Online videos of spots and techniques up the ***.
    Fish breaking on the other side, simply drive on the same side, ride your bike down to them. It’s also a lot more socia too, something the new breed wants with their fishing. Everything comes in ebbs and flows. He canal has been my family’s go to spot for years, not only for the fishing, but the local amenities. I hope it stays good for future anglers, and they never install up to the minute webcams on the bridges and radar tower!!!
    As for the lack of fish, it’s an industry wide problem. A continual group of anglers (boat and shore) with better tools, equipment, and information harvesting a finite, non-evolving resource. It doesn’t take a scientist to figure out that outcome. They need to find a way to make it a recreational sport fish, but keep some level of responsible sustainable commercial harvest. A tall order.
    Catch and release as standard practice, keep only what you REALLY need, educate others to do the same. It will come around if we practice common sense.

  4. RHT

    I have been following a FB,, page by Charles Witek who writes a blog that provides a lot of great information on fishery management. At the end of the day, it’s really all about the fish. We need healthy stocks, whether its striped bass, flounder or any other species to sustain our hobby or business. Those stocks will need regulation for protection. Because without science based regulation, we will surely fish our way to oblivion.


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