New sand test

There is really not much to say about this video. We buried a new ZeeBaaS reel, the same way we did Van Staal and Penn Torque. The results (considering the misinformation on the net about all these reels) were surprising, even to me .


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11 comments on “New sand test

  1. David Strom

    I love it!

    Looking forward to seeing a Sand Test on the new Penn Spinfisher V. I know it’s not meant to be cranked while underwater, but if it can pass the Sand Test, that would be good enough for me.

  2. Gene A

    Didn’t I see on the spinfisher V’s video, that it was immersed in water. Not sure if it was salt water but I gather from above, it is not meant to be cranked under water. Can someone explain?

  3. Ted C

    Great vid. Loved watching the shot of the reel flushing out at the end. I’m adding it to my wish list! I was lucky enough to win one of the SpinfisherV reels… So far we really like it. My understanding is that the seals don’t 100% prevent water from entering the reel when cranking, not sure if that is accurate though… The vid at Penn appears to suggest otherwise. But even if that is true, I’ve heard rumors that the 5500 will retail in the $160 range– (note: rumors). If that price is accurate, its a very nice reel for the money, IMO. However… It’s not a ZB, VS, or Torque, (I don’t own any of them, but just handling them I can feel the difference, cant imagine how nice they fish) its probably not fair to compare them. Those reels are the elite– the spinV is an affordable quality alternative.

  4. Tommy S.

    Nice reel, but not so impressed. The reel is only
    doing what is was made to do. The Penn Torque
    does exactly what this reel does for alot less
    money. I’ll pick up a nice rod with the extra change.
    Thank you Z for the always informative reviews.
    SJ keeps getting better.

  5. James Carter

    Maybe I’ll get one of these one day, but right now, I’m VERY happy with my Shimano Stradic 8000FJ. It outcasts both the ZB and Van Staal, and is smooth as silk. it can also take several good splashings on the surf as well!

  6. Tom @ Commando


    I have been hammering my ZX-27 for 2 seasons. This year alone it has over 100 nights in the surf so far. These are FULL nights not 2 or 3 hour outings.

    The only time that thing sees a rinse is when I swim with it. It has been FLAWLESS…. Smooth drag has been key in landing some great fish.

    Nothing like dependability of the Zeebaas


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