New issue of SJ and Veterans Day giveaway preview

Tommy is putting finishing touches on the new issue of the Surfcaster’s journal magazine. We expect the issue to debut in few days.
On Veterans Day we are going to have a special giveaway here on the blog to honor all our veterans. Surfcaster’s Journal subscriber Gerard Doyle graciously and sleeks donated a special surf bag that he won in the raffle. He wanted it to go to deserving veteran surfcaster and he wanted us to help him make this possible. Its a special bag made by C&R Surfcasting, you can visit them on

Thanks to Gerard and thanks to C&R Surfcasting for making such an awesome bag.


We are also giving away a special performance hoodie from DEEP but you are running out of time to enter. We are picking a winner on the Sunday but you must enter on our Facebook page. The post is pinned to the top of our page and all relevant info is there. Go, make one click and enter

Here is the link


And last but not least, a new book by SJ columnist John I-can-catch-a-fish-in-a-roadside-puddle Skinner is now available. I am uncomfortable giving you my review because I am acting as a distributor for John who self published the book. I told John to send a copy to Dave Anderson for a review. All I will say is, that in my opinion, its the best book ever written on the subject. And might have the best damned cover on any book on surf fishing ever. That’s is. It is available in our online store as off today (you can click HERE) also at your local tackle shops. Just about every tackle shop in Northeast has received an advance copy so when you ask for it, they will know what you are talking about. Many SJ partners have it including Fisherman’s Headquarters, The Surfcaster, East End Tackle, Saltwaters tackle and they are on the way to River’s End. Also on Amazon and John’s book website


6 comments on “New issue of SJ and Veterans Day giveaway preview

  1. Andy_k

    Some excellent prizes there Z and all the best to all who enter. @Gerard… Well done matey!! May your generosity come back and reward you when you find yourself in need of something or other.

    Z . I gotta ask, Why is it that after logging in, I still have to re-enter my details to leave a comment?? Is this an “improvement” that’s been made to the blog or what?

    Good luck everyone and hats off to those who have served and given on Veterans Day.

      1. Andy_k

        Z, until a month or so back – when I won my Penn rod, for instance – I would use the menu at the top right of the page (where it says Magazine etc ) and log in there, click on “Blog” and leave a comment. Now, even if I do that, I am still asked for my email addy etc like I am now. That’s what I meant mate.


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