A Special Veterans Day Custom Bag giveaway


Thanks to a very generous donation from the Surfcaster’s Journal subscriber Gerard Doyle we are going to award this one of a kind C&R Surfcasting Gear bag to one lucky veteran who is the surfcaster.
You know how we do this, you nominate a friend who is a veteran and who is a surfcaster right here on the blog and we’ll take care of the rest. In about a week or so we’ll tally all the entries, and pick a random winner. Only one rule, that your nominee is a surfcaster.
Happy Veterans Day to all, and thank you all for your sacrifice and bravery.

Thanks to Mr Doyle for his generous donation and Vinny from C&R Surfcasting Gear for making a kick-ass one of a kind bag.You can visit C&R Surfcasting Gear on Facebook and like their page while you at it. Here is the link https://www.facebook.com/pages/CR-Surfcasting-Gear/308702119230040?ref=br_tf

Here is a short little video so you can get a better visual just how gorgeous this bag is and more pictures. I hope i can do it justice









26 comments on “A Special Veterans Day Custom Bag giveaway

  1. KahlilP

    I would like to nominate my brother in law JeffreyR. Thanks to all of the Veterans out there for there endless courage and willingness to fight for all of us here. God Bless America!

  2. Lee S

    I would like to nominate Joe “The Scrapper” Palma, Navy Gunner, 3 tours of Vietnam. Still fishes about 300 days a year and always willing to put on a clinic and show us young googs how its done.

  3. Levie LaParle

    I nominate my good friend Travis White, Iraq and Afghanistan veteran USMC. Thanks to all the other vets out there!

  4. Steve Knapik

    I would like to nominate Mr. Michael “Casey” Coggins of the USMC. Casey has been an active member of the Striper Surf Club since 2012. He fishes many areas of our Island from our western south shore beaches to Montauk Point. Casey has served our country for over 20 years by being an active member of the United States Marine Corp. Casey has served as a combat Marine in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has also traveled the world helping to keep our country safe. He just recently returned from Soule South Korea where is was asked to participate in military exercises. (He had to miss the Montauk Surf Classic)
    You will never meet another veteran who is so dedicated to his country than Casey. He has seen the good, the bad and the ugly that our world can bring. He is a fine man, and war torn veteran and a good surf fisherman to boot. Happy Veterans Day to all our men and women in the armed forces!

  5. bucktail1169

    I would like to nominate my fishing partner and surfcasters journal subscriber Anthony Moschella , also a VIetnam army veteran .

  6. Rick F.

    I would like to nominate Bobby Cavender, Iraq War Veteran (Army). Bobby taught me how to fish, where to fish, what to fish with and how to let them go to be caught again.

  7. flyvice11787

    I’d like to nominate my friend Chris Richard, who served in the USMC and is an Iraq war vet. I believe one of you from SJ has seen him down at the beach the last few weeks killing it ;).

  8. Hunter Dargay

    I would like to nominate my Grandfather who served 4 years in their USMC in Vietnam. Was injured due to asian orange. Always took me fishing as a kid and still does. Thank you to all who serve our Great Country! OORAH

  9. John Henson

    I would like to nominate my fishing partner Russ Meade. Russ is a USMC Veteran, a surfcaster, a great father to his daughter Abbie, and a great friend. Thanks to all our Vets for their selfless service and thanks to Surfcasters Journal for recognizing their efforts!!!

  10. Isaiah Echevarria

    I would like to nominate my father, Juan Echevarria who has been my fishing buddy all my life. He served 10 years in the Army and served as in Air defense in Operation Desert Storm. He is an amazing person who has inspired me to begin fishing on my own. I remember when I was little he took me fishing on a inlet in new jersey and I caught my first bluefish. He is one of the best fishermen I know and thank all of the troops for serving our country.

  11. meyogi

    I would like to enter my brother-in-law John Sedlak U.S. Army combat veteran of the Korean War. The reason I feel this way is because he always treated me like his baby brother, took me fishing on the bay side of the Hook for flounder off the beach, stripper fishin at night down by The Cat and The Fiddle on Cliffwood Beach, Party boat fishing on the Super Cat out of the Highlands and even now that he’s in his eighties, If I gave him a call he’d be willing to go I know that there are more deserving vets but, to me he’s the one. Thanks, Yogi

  12. Richard Fuchs aka woodwker99

    I don’t have anyone I can nominate other than myself. Unfortunately the few people I fish with are my kids. Or are not Vets.
    I served in the US NAVY from 1973-77. And as a previous nomination said I am a 1@32 pledge fisherman.

  13. Eddie no catch

    I would like to nominate my dear friend Bob Jones who served in Vietnam in the 25th infantry..
    Thank you to all the vets!!!!

  14. Tiffany

    I would like to nominate my husband, amazing dad of 2 girls and an avid surf fisher Andrew Errickson. He is a corrections officer army vet. Thank you too all the vets who served and thank you for this gift to them.

  15. Rob

    I would like to nominate my buddy Scott Scutari U.S. army. He chose to enlist leaving a comfy existence here on the Island to fight for our country. Thanks to Scott and all the veterans yesterday and everyday. You all deserve the bag.

  16. isaiah echevarria

    I nominate my dad Juan. He spent 10 years in Army and served in Iraq during Operation Desert storm. He works so hard for our family as a truck driver, he taught me how to fish and I enjoy spending time with him. my dad showed me the importance of spending time with family and fishing is a large part of that. He would be so surprised that I entered his name on this blog, but I’m always thinking of ways to show him that I appreciate what he does for me.

  17. Scott hayes

    I would like to nominate a great friend and my surfcasting mentor Bob Jones – 25th infantry division Vietnam. Good karma and good luck Bob .

  18. Chris Richard

    Zeno, I’d like to suggest it goes to a Vietnam era vet. I’m flattered to have been nominated, but I’ve been thanked for my service since the day I got back. As one who has experienced the ugliness of combat, I can’t imagine having to come home and not have the full support of a nation. Find a grunt who walked a year or more through the highlands or jungles of Vietnam, hand him the bag and say thank you.
    If I’m out of line here, I apologize, but that’s my suggestion.


    A special shout to SJ subscriber “SGM George Simmons” currently stationed in Afghanistan and to all our troops home and abroad, Happy Thanksgiving to all. George , thanks for your email. You made our day.
    We wish you and all out troops safe return home. Thanks for all you do
    SJ Crew


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