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It is midnight and I been doing something I haven’t done in a long time. I read a book, cover to cover in one sitting.

Except this book is different. It has no cover or pictures, just hundreds of sheets of text, titles and summaries. That is because this book is not done yet but I sincerely wish it was, and that you can read it.

It’s that good.

What is it?

Its first pure surf fishing book written by William “Doc” Muller in over 20 years. His last surfcasting only book, Secrets of Surf Fishing at Night was updated and reprinted last fall. This book, , let’s call it for lack of better term, ultimate guide to surfcasting, covers it all,  in the way only  Doc can.  From gear to lures to bait to fishing clubs to tackle to fighting fish to proper release, from eels, to shads and plugs and teasers to mindsets, structure and who knows what else, twenty three chapters so far.

Here is your chance, just like last year, when I asked to contribute photos. You want to be a part of this book ? We are actively looking for photos , if you have anything you would consider submitting, please email it to

Scenery, fish, people, lures, you name it, I am interested

Expected release? Sometimes in the fall of this year. Man , it felt good to read 200 plus pages in one sitting…it’s been a long time

and now, good night…tomorrow, a winner of Super Strike Killer Bee Darter..your last chance to enter is today

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  1. Jon P

    That’s great news Zeno! I really enjoyed “Secrets of Surf Fishing at Night” and finished it in 2 days. Can’t wait for this to come out! I have been looking for new books and can’t seem to find ones that I don’t already have.


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