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I hope you enjoyed that piece from Dave Anderson and Bill Wetzel last week. I am hoping that by bringing different voices to this blog we make it even better. Speaking of the mag/blog thing, let me get this out. This week we are coming up on a one year anniversary of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine in the present format. I know many of you are wondering when your subscription is up, how to renew it. Don’t. The way the subscription is designed is that it automatically renews. You don’t have to do anything. Of course you can cannel this option by logging into your account. And if you changed your cc info during the course of the year, then we’ll notify you that you have to renew in that case on your own. I know some of you have renewed last week but we will actually take that option off this week because its screwing up our whole system. So don’t worry, we made this simple, no need to even think about it.


I was watching another awesome video Larry Wentworth, maker of Big Fish Co lures put out this week in association with his lovely wife Angie. First, the editing is better than mine. And two, after you watch this video, you will never say  that wood plugs are too expensive.

The process from raw wood blocks to finished product is intense and frankly, its too many steps for me to even  attempt. But having watched this video, it gives me a whole new appreciation  for what it takes to make a wooden lure.

Take a look, Larry takes you from raw block of wood to a finished product and then he tosses it some real life testing at the end. Lets say that stripers didn’t exactly thumb their nose to it


speaking of making lures.

The video below on making Bucktails was embedded into issue #21 of the Surfcaster’s Journal, September issue I believe. If I am looking at these stats right, only two hundred of you have actually watched it. For the whole version, log into your account, go to ARCHIVES and find issue #21. Aren’t you glad you have access to all past issues ?

I know I am

12 comments on “Making your own lures

    1. bigfishlarry

      Hi Sioca my friend! I am sorry that website was disabled some time ago. If you have Facebook you can find me on my BigFish Bait Co. page. Or you can e-mail me directly if Zeno does not mind my e-mail is I will help any way I can! Thanks to SCJ for including BigFish Bait Co. in their Blog! 😉

  1. mark d

    when i signed up site would not accept my costa rica credit card so i asked my mom to do it. don´t know if she paid with credit card or check. i might be out in the cold soon….ouch

    don´t understand why people are not taking advantage of the videos, they are good stuff

    i can´t watch them on my ship as the internet is too slow but i watch them when i get home

    cant watch videos at work but i can catch fish. spent the morning catching small bluefin…ok very small…. ok ok very very small, but still

  2. woodwker99

    Question for Lou. What did you close the bottom of the smaller tubes with? I have done this over the years and always went back because the hooks get under the bottom of the tubes and either don’t come out or pull the whole thing out at once. you need bottoms on tubes to keep this from happening. So any hint as to what to use?

  3. donlbi

    Issue #21 also has that great piece by McNamara on the Eye of the Striper—-very informative.
    Thanks, for the reminder Z.

  4. BigJIm

    I have seen Larry’s video on another site and I glad that it made it here as well I hope to pick up a couple of his baits before the spring and let me tell you I watch all the video’s and Lou’s video on the surfbag tubes was great and I will making an attempt at making my own bucktails keep up the great work guys

    1. woodwker99

      Yes but did he close off the bottoms of the tubes. I find that if you do not hooks get under the tube at the bottom and you end up with plugs that you can’t get out or end up ripping the whole setup out of the bag.

    1. zeno hromin

      Log into your account, Click on Payment History and then click on “Cancel subscription”
      That will take the auto renew out…not your sub, only yout auto renew gets canceled

  5. Scott Throckmorton

    I don’t know if Larry has always been that cool or you guys are getting really good at editing video by that was awesome!!

    Any chance you guys could follow me around work for a week and make me look cool?


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