12 comments on “Live eel video

  1. Chef Chris

    skinner is amazing, super nice guy too. that spot sure produces a lot of fish, same spot from the riggie video, nicely done.

  2. Richard aka Woodwker99

    John really has it down.
    They need to get him to be a speaker at next years Fisherman show at the Hilton.

  3. C4red

    He really makes it look easy, what a pro, whether its catching stripers, flounder or just talking about it, he’s got It!!!

    Thanks for the video.

  4. Steve K.

    I’d be curious to see what the results would be if the live eels were replaced with unweighted sluggos (or similar) for a few casts.

    Well done video in any case.

  5. bdubbs

    I agree with Steve k. Its these controlled situations when you know the fish are there that give you the chance to experiment and really see the differences in what they will and won’t take.


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