Before someone tells me I should get off my high horse, think where I am coming from

Few years ago I would have jumped into any blitz head first. No questions asked, I would find a room to squeeze in somewhere. Even today, it’s hard to stand there with a camera while everyone has the huge grins on their faces. And I am also aware that we all have to start somewhere. Hell, a lot of times when I talk to Montauk Regulars I still feel like a complete novice. So, it’s not like I am sneering dude looking down on masses. But some of the crap that I’ve seen yesterday is disturbing.

Maybe its because I always fished the blitz, I never watched it trough the viewfinder on a camera. I’ve seen a ton of guys under the Lighthouse with no jackets. With no belts, with no gear whatsoever. I’ve seen a guy take a hook in hand and not one guy had a pliers to give him to try and pull the hook out. I’ve seen people sit on rocks and wait..and as soon as the guy hooks up, as soon as his pumps his fish once, ten bucktails are flying in the water around him. And when he lands his fish, 6 bucktails are wrapped around the tip. I’ve seen guys who patiently wait under the light on lower rocks lose their all the morons above them chase after the fish and then cast over their heads. With no regards for safety or care in the world

One guy was asked ,  “how are you going to land a fish is you catch one”, as he stood on top of the lighthouse wall

His reply ?

“I have no idea, this is my first time here”

Damn, and to think that before I ever make a cast on a jetty I look for a spot to safely land a fish! I must be more of a chicken than I though.

And there dead fish…holy shit are there a ton of them! You got your freshly caught fish jumping around rocks , you got your freshly dead fish hanged on the fence, you got your freshly gutted fish, you got you whole rotting fish and you have you have your carcasses in different stage of decomposition ..and no lack of dudes carrying the fish trough the lot.
Nothing wrong with keeping fish to eat but to just give you an idea how many, corner lot was flooded from a hose at the cleaning station that was on for hours at the time.

And then there we snaggers…If you have never been a part of  a Montauk blitz on calm day with no white water and fishing feeding on small white bait, you probably will find this hard to believe…but you can throw any plug you want in the middle of a thousand fish boiling and not get a single one to hit. You will bounce it off their backs, hit them in the head twenty times on a single retrieve and never hook up. The sportsman in all of us accepts this as challenge, regardless how frustrating it can be

The Assholes amongst us are not content of trying to catch a fish, they just want to hook it. The reports from early in the week from multiple sources had guys casting weighted bunker snags into the school of stripers and snagging them

First of all, we can all agree that this is unsportsman like, second of all, this is ILLEGAL…I mean, seriously, this is disgusting. And then there were families with kids who all carried a fish to the lot, one per each and then came back for more.

All in all, I was very disappointed in what I’ve seen and suddenly the insistence of old-timers on leaving on Fridays before crowds arrive or just staying in their trucks on weekends is easier to understand. Like I said, maybe its because I was always the one in the blitz, never a one observing, that I am so surprised. But to think that someone would throw a bunker snag into a school of fish to me is insane.

No one likes to eat (or cook) more than I do and my kids love striped bass. And you know how I feel about keeping fish, if its legal, it’s your business, not mine.

But this is insane. Either some amongst us have lost their minds or we got another whole influx of surfcasters who could give a shit less about respecting a fellow surfcaster or the species….or the sport

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59 comments on “Crazy

  1. Tim

    Well said…… Unfortunately. I witnessed the travesty myself from afar. I Only fish Montauk during the week…… I won’t think of fishing Montauk until after all fools day which makes real sense in this case. Plenty of other places to catch fish, maybe not as plentiful, but guaranteed an enjoyable time. My biggest problem is where is the DEC, park police, etc. I didnt see one law enforcement official. I asked many others, nothing. complete anarchy. I work in the tree business and another east end company got pulled over by the DEC and was heavily fined because he did not tell the officer his Jerry can of fuel was what he needed for his daily needs. Seriously….. A guy trying to making a living gets screwed with, meanwhile there is blatant disregard for for the laws of something far more important than a can of fuel. Pitiful……. Stepping off the soap box.

  2. Joe

    Welcome to “The Club”!
    The first time I fished the point was back in October 1974. I was 17, had my license for 8 months and went to the point on an invitation from my Uncle’s neighbors. I was instructed for an hour about what to do, and what not to do. It was more an apprenticeship than a fishing trip. But, things haven’t changed, except for the increase in the number of self proclaimed sportsman. And, unfortunately, if their parents didn’t teach them any manners, you won’t either.
    Lack of consideration for others, commitment to a self held higher standard, respect for the “GIFT” of the point, gratefulness to a State that saw fit to preserve public access, and just a simple sense of helping our neighbors all goes out the window when there’s a “BLITZ!!!!”. As if it’s never going to happen again and we must exploit the resource that’s creating it by destroying it.
    This is why I won’t go to Montauk to fish. I’ll end up on the six o’clock news! The only advantage Zeno is you’ll probably end up filming it; make sure you get my better side please?
    It’s just sad!

  3. greg

    The biggest problem is where is the DEC, park police. I didnt see one law enforcement official anywhere. When the white bait bite is on they should be there 24/7. They could make a months pay in fines. The NJ enforcement rely on fisherman for tips and it works. It should work here also. Call when U see violations 631 444 0250

  4. mattm

    I feel your pain Z I only fish during the week to avoid seeing this stuff. How bout all the trash up there all over the place. My girl brings bags with us every time to fill with what ever we come across and help clean up the waterline

  5. chris a

    Dec is there and marine patrol. What ur the police gona do aresst you for using a snagger. These or not fisherman but people looking to improve there ego or looking for meat. I really feel bad for the locals how fish that beach

  6. BruceC

    Unfortunately, I was there first hand to witness this and it made me sick to my stomach. This was my first time at MT and after I had a guy fire a lure over my head, I had to turn (put my hands in my pockets or I’d be in jail), and walk away. The amount of snagging, people keeping shorts, more than the allotted quantity is just a sin. Never in my life have I fished in this type of environment. It’s not fishing…

  7. Mike M.

    I’m on my way home from Montauk as I write this and I would have to agree with you. Unfortunately, I live in PA, so weekends are what works the best. But there was a guy there this weekend tossing weighted snag hook with a strip of pork rind. Really!! Nice touch. I’m sure that’s what made him hook up with the fish and not the ripping through the school. It was a disaster to watch.

  8. Chris S.

    Long Island needs a stronger environmental law enforcement community (especially on the marine side of things). The ECO’s that we have are great, we just don’t have enough of them. Look at Florida Fish & Wildlife law enforcement. When you are on the water in FL, you know officers are near by whether you see them or not. And I believe the local public respects this. That is the way it should be here on LI.

    Zeno, for now the best thing you can do is document what you see with your camera and contact a NYS Environmental Conservation Officer. Here is the link to do so:

    also, the 24 hour tip hotline for NYS:

    1-800-TIPP DEC (1-800-847-7332)

  9. mikethetruth

    I was there Friday. It was THE MOST disgusting display I had ever witnessed! Between the trash running into the wtaer with their patent leather dress shoes and weighted chicken necks and the Orvis geared yuppies that looked like they were doing a photo shoot I actually got sick. When the blitz came I told my wife to wait until the fish were in front and to be sure to cast straight ahead. She did and the 20 lines went sailing over hers from douch bags casting sideways. No one could fish at all between the assholes on shore and the boats almost beaching themselves. I have been fishing Montauk since 1974. I avoided weekends in the past but now I wouldnt go if 80 pound bass were being caught and my room and meals were paid for.
    WHRE WAS THE DEC????? It’s all goin to shit. Soon graffiti will cover the Light House and boom boxes will be heard from the town beaches to Shagwong. Never again. Montauk is now truly THE END.

  10. Kevin in RI

    While Montauk may be Mecca to many, stories like this and scenes I’ve personally witnessed at the point. I’m very grateful to call RI my home fishing area(s).

  11. Rob L

    I agree with the comments about the DEC. Fisheries enforcement is joke. Compare that to enforcement with hunting.

  12. Matt H

    I was in Montauk also this weekend and unfortunatly saw some things I never thought I would see, including the guy Mike M mentioned with a weighted snag hook and pork rind… at least I hope it was the same guy and there wasn’t two of them. With that being said if you dont mind taking a long walk on the south side you can evade the morons wearing New Balance running sneakers and jeans wading out onto the rocks.

  13. Matt H

    Sorry also forgot to add this one… I saw a guy casting an umbrella rig, and it wasnt one of the new Alabama ones that were made to cast in freshwater. This was a huge trolling one.

  14. Richard aka Woodwker99

    Z, This is what happens when we fight (and win?!!!) a Saltwater Fishing license. No money = No DEC enforcement. No license = out of state, unregistered fisherman(and I use the term very loosely).
    When something gets popular it is doomed to die.
    It is a shame but even our elected officials have a hand in why things have gotten to the point it has. They get on our side (really?)to protect public access for all to the great park that is Montauk. Sometimes I think all the townies have the right idea. keep everyone out!
    Years ago I blamed the weekly fishing publication for all the crowds here or there. announcing when this bite was hot, spot burning if you will.
    I think if they made shooting seagulls profitable there would be hundreds of dead birds. Not exactly but I think you get my point.
    It is a shame.
    I wont fish M for this and the thievery that goes on there.
    It’s a shame.

  15. Jim Nash

    Friday was a nightmare. Not how I had hoped my first trip to Montauk would go. I had my permits in order and had spent the spring, summer and early floors figuring things out in fishing spots that are way less glamorous and productive so I could learn, on my own, and not be a problem to anyone else-
    Thursday night I spent it with Bill Wetzel, and it was a primer for doing things the right way, like everyone else says, take a trip with Bill, we didn’t see any fish, but what I picked up from him was worth it-
    So…Then there was Friday. It was holiday weekend chaos, and it was dangerous- I won’t rehash it, but where was the Coast Guard? It looked like D-Day on the beach, and what asshole follows a striper blitz with a 62 foot Canyon Runner?
    So happy I walked this morning from a place I’m not saying to another place that I’m not saying- there were fish and there were Surfcasters. In my inexperienced and humble opinion, you can find the Montauk you are looking for, but don’t look at the point.

  16. georgeC5

    Your latest entry capsulized my experience during my two trips to the Point week two and three in September. What I saw made me sick at heart. I’ll be staying on the beaches near home and buying a New Jersey beach driving permit.

  17. Dave Whitney

    Mob fishing like this keeps me from M and Moses when the fish are in heavy. It turns everyone into an instant hero and brains get left at home.
    I rather catch 1 fish on an empty beach than deal with that insanity.

  18. Greg Tucceri

    The same shit happens down the the CC Canal on a daily basis as well.And its just not the new guys its the old salties too. Plugs flying over your head from morons on the access road, casting over your line as soon as you hook up. Guys driving their bikes up and down with two big fish or leave them on the road rotting in the sun so someone will come by and say “wow nice fish”.You’re right on target the new surfcasters could give a shit less about respect to others. The respect is gone its all about bragging rights and getting your picture on the wall at some bait store or winning some silly weekly prize.

  19. Don R

    “Preaching to the Choir” at least in my own Polly Anna world, I’d like to think that most of the SCJ followers respect and love the ocean and the fisheries as much as you.

  20. BOB C


  21. Steve Knapik

    Montauk is becoming the “wild west.” There is no enforcement at all. I seen a full size school bus parked at False Bar a few weeks ago. I had guys tossing chunks over my head while I was fishing the north side. I got so disgusted that I had to cut the guy’s line and walk back to the shore to have a chat with him. Tom D. who is supposed to run the operations at Montauk has fallen down on the job. He has allowed surfers free reign, he has allowed 4×4 take over the beach without permits, there is trash and dead fish in the lots and there is a total abuse of our park by a bunch of internet assholes. Tom totally out of sight on most occasions. Yet, he has IMHO a cushy job with a real nice house paid for by the taxpayers.

    We are also living in a new world of instant gratification. These young kids (adults) have never heard the word know in their lives and they want to be satisfied NOW and screw everyone else. These are the same kids that got trophies for just showing up to soccer practice while mommy and daddy made sure if they fell down they would be there to wipe the tears away. They are rude, cocky and full of themselves. Then there are the older lazy sacks of shit who feel they are entitled to fish any way they please and screw the rest. Hey TOM D. wake up your park or should I say our park is going to the dogs!

  22. John

    Unfortunately, with the advent of instant communication via txt, websites etc, this sport has been over promoted for years. Not knocking it,it is what it is, but from magazines promoting catch and release then publishing pictures and stories about the party boat slaughters, to posts and websites practically drawing a map for any asshole with $40 bucks and access to a k-mart, with exaggerations to help their sponsors sell more un-needed crap, then combine this with the advent of a generation of selfish, instant gratification, instant in your face dispalys of self importance, screw everyone else mentality that is drilled into our youth via moronic “reality show”s and moronic music and music videos and Hollywood badboys/girl/sports figures being cast as heros, and this is the result. And if people now start talking about spots other than the point, how long before the “extreme fisherman” with the same asshole mentality as described above start invading those spots so they can brag about it on their Facebook page. I use to think the locals were a bit arrogant about thinking Montauk was theirs, but now I see they saw what was coming and were just trying to preserve a way of life.

  23. Legasea

    Sad but true state of affairs Zeno. With code enforcement budgets stretched to the max and Montauk transforming into the “new” Hamptons, I struggle to see a cure to the problem. It has become worse every year and hence I have stopped fishing the area in the fall for the most part. I have been fishing my boat more in the rips and I can say that is no better. You feel your life is in jeopardy especially on the weekends. I have seen the sportsman in the sport decline steadily over the years.

    Education only reaches people who want to be educated, sensibility only works on sensible people and assholes will always be assholes. All we can do is pound the parks commissioner ands DEC to make this a priority before several people get hurt.

  24. Frank

    I love to fish almost as much as the next guy/girl and there are plenty of good people out there fishing Montauk. Having said that, there is also plenty of insanity and attitude out there. Just the number of people fishing at certain times is just too much and it is not fun!

    One of the many things I like about you Z is that you have other important aspects of your life besides fishing and you frequently discuss them here. Life is rich and catching a fish is only part of the wonderful possibilities out there.

    Montauk is a one of a kind spot and it invites people from all over to take part in the fall migration. It is easy to see how a place like this could get easily overrun with large crowds and it only takes a few assh…. to make the rest of us look bad.

  25. chuckg

    I call blitz fishing catching not fishing, anything you throw out there will catch a fish… There’s no mystery there, just MHO…

  26. Glenn. H.

    I’m with Bobby C.!!!! This has gotten out of hand the last couple of years. Just the other day on a local south shore beach there were a couple of guys explaining to each other how they are the best on the island as they crossed each others lines over a dozen or so times…Then i realize that every Bluefish they caught they ripped the treble hook out of the fishes mouth instead of taking there time to surgically remove it the right way..Then on top of that every fish they caught they kicked it back into the water…

  27. Roman D.

    It seems that it’s much easier nowadays to go out and catch a striped bass. Biggest culprit? Easily available information (including this Blog, no matter how wonderful it is).

    I think that if the issues with Montauk continue, then eventually nature will correct itself and we might see a different Fall Run around the point.

    I’d hate to be a pessimist, but I don’t see the change that’s needed coming from people.

  28. frank

    I have been i. Montauk the last.two.weekends i started.under.thr.light why i dont know every foreigner in the world was there no english and casting.over everyone. One guy was up top on caught a nice size.bass unhooked it then threw it from the top of the rocks in water the fish fizh hit every rock on the way down. Then yesterday morning there were guy fishing next to me i would.see him wait till i was retrieve then he wojld.cast i looked at hiM and gave a nodd saying this is the way to fish so me and him were in cadnace.with.eachother. Ths huy behind him wAs.casting over him and his line wrapped around.the guys leg while he.was fighing a fish.

  29. frank

    I have been i. Montauk the last.two.weekends i started.under.thr.light why i dont know every foreigner in the world was there no english and casting.over everyone. One guy was up top on caught a nice size.bass unhooked it then threw it from the top of the rocks in water the fish fizh hit every rock on the way down. Then yesterday morning there were guy fishing next to me i would.see him wait till i was retrieve then he wojld.cast i looked at hiM and gave a nodd saying this is the way to fish so me and him were in cadnace.with.eachother. Ths huy behind him wAs.casting over him and his line wrapped around.the guys leg while he.was fighing a fish.

  30. rclapp

    Look at the baseball “fans” in Atlanta and the KC football crowd cheering their QB injury and express surprise at this behavior? If there is a god he would look at a dog and say “Got this one right” and look a human and just shake his or her head.

  31. terry farrell

    Z I was in montauk and saw what you are talking about I saw those guys using snags and they were told by a retired cop we all know to stop or Ill call a cop and have you arrested .It was insane , people in clothes no wadera going into the water and crossing everone The fleet of boats was 20 yards off the beach preventing the guys on the beach from fishing. There had to be 50 boats involved.Nothing but arguments and crossed lines . What a disaster

  32. gil

    yes we all saw what you described and it was sad. people using the trebles from the boat and on shore took it over the top. the real sportsman tried to hook a fish in the mouth not on the back! i guess i’m a snob as well……

  33. R Kretzer

    wow – i am late to this thread! i am reading about this nasty behavier on every board! there is no excuse but it could be that mtk have not had a good season like this one since 2008.
    three seasons of everone complaining “wheres the fish” their gone, time for better/stronger rules! now that the bass have arrived – of course there will be madness! most of the idiots are the 1st timers and the weekend warriors along with pier fisherman that might know how to fish but not how to fish mtk.
    I think the clubs in the nys fish tourney – and i am in a club, maybe we should find a way to help the dec and other enforcement stopthe madness? without getting hurt ourselves?
    their has to be a way? and who better than us who have joined clubs to better the sport? we will not be the police but maybe
    civilian patrol? just an idea. if we have a sandeel run at mosses we will see the same madness!

  34. John T.


    Trust me, you are NOT on a high horse, you are 1000% on the money…

    I was at M from Thursday night into Saturday. On Friday after Jim and I spent the better part of the morning making a zillion casts on the SS with very little to show for it we decided to see how the NS looked in the late afternoon. Knowing full well it would be a complete zoo we decided to just hoof it down with T-shirts, shorts and sneakers. We brought our rods down – but only because we worried that they would get stolen even if locked on top of our trucks. What we saw sickened the both of us, it was every bit as disgusting and out of control as you accurately described. 50 boats practically on the beach (WTF was that blue 62’ Canyon Runner thinking taking his boat so close to the rocks?), yahoos crossing lines, people losing every fish they “caught” etc. At one point we wanted to make a few casts but a) we realized that 99.99% of the fish landed were being snagged (in other words, HARVESTED) and NOT caught legitimately in the mouth and b) we ALSO accepted the reality that any “hole in the fence” so to speak would have quickly filled in from behind, left and right by morons casting every which way. We decided that at that point we would just watch the show. Then we walked up to the balcony and saw the “striper snagger”. WOW- JUST WOW was all I could think. I’m standing there with my jaw dropped wide open because I have NEVER seen anything like that and could not believe that ANYONE could do such a thing. This guy was yelled at by several people, but he of course “No Speaka English” UNTIL he needed help walking back up from the green rocks he was precariously perched upon with his sneakers. All of a sudden he spoke perfect English!
    Z, I have been fishing M for about 30 years and it saddens me to see this. Like you, I used to be VERY happy to fish blitzes – there was still room to find, people waited until you brought in your fish, and – most importantly of all – I NEVER saw anyone try to snag a bass. Over time that slowly started changing so I began to focus almost all of my M fishing in the deep night, but let’s face it, once in a while it’s nice to fish in the sunshine so I figured I’d give it a go. NEVER AGAIN!!!! From now on I will arrive in the lot on Friday night, fish until a few hours until dawn, sleep in PAST the dawn bite, hang out during the day and then fish all night on Saturday, then come home late Sunday morning. I’m done with the sick insanity of what daytime M fishing has become.

  35. John T.

    If I may add:

    Since people are savages (yes, we all are, that’s why we have laws to protect ourselves from eachother) the ONLY way this will ever get any better will be if there is LAW ENFORCEMENT!!! We need DEC on the beach, on the trails, waiting in the lot. SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE.

  36. Irish

    access to the surfcaster will be lost before any of that nonsense changes. Someone will get hurt on accident or someone will let frustration get the better of them, I guarentee it. It will be easy to shut it down after that.

    Its the difference between the club and the pub, if you’re in it for the scene than Montauks your place, if fishing is for a little peace and solitude just find a quieter spot. There is place for everything , but surely these behaviors dont really suprise any of you.

  37. matt viggiano

    Z I was down there for the full moon a couple weekends ago.I saw you filming.The number of people who can’t even be called googans but simply idiots.Forget common courtesy amongst fellow surf casters which was non existent as I had someones braid raked across my neck during a blitz.The slaughter of legal bass or not was and is common place in Mtk. now with blitzes going on all day.Sadly the DEC white pickups driving around down there right now are more concerned with checking permits for 4 wheel drive access.Why don’t they get out of there F N pickups and walk around,witness and bust some of these idiots.Why is everybody so god damn lazy these days and just do what they get paid for?

  38. Bobby

    We have the same thing go on down here in Jersey in May June when we get the cows . Guys who catch a 40 lbs fish on a pencil popper and then they think they did something special. And then they weigh them in at a local tackle shop for there tournament then throw it on in there garbage. I’m actually happy that we didn’t have a good run this year cause it makes me sick seeing what we are doing too the fish that we love

  39. firstlight

    Ive witnessed blitzes, no doubt of lesser scope, and have yet to see behavior quite so blatant. Most of the surfcasters I meet are competent fisherman, but certainly there are exceptions. In neck of the woods I dowitness fishermen catching small blues, for example, lifting them over a wall onto concrete, stepping on them to remove the hook, and then tossing them six feet back into the water. I find I have to walk away from the scenes. I do hope surfcasting isn’t becoming amateur hour.

  40. Steve K.

    Sad fact is that 80% of fisherman are selfish assholes no matter where you fish. They look at the resource as something that’s ‘free’ and need to get what’s ‘theirs’. Very little respect out there for other fishers, the fish, or the environment and it’s getting worse every season – everywhere.

  41. Ted C

    I’ll say it– its the 20 to 40 year olds. And I’m 36!! These are the MTV reality show wannabe morons with all the money in the world and zero respect for anyone, or anything. Its social media websites where posting a catch is more important than catching the right way. as someone that picked up fishing as kid you learn to respect the wildlife… These clowns drive up in their foreign luxury sedans and slip on a $1000 set of waders with the tags still on it and dont have time to learn the right way. They dont care about the sport, they want a trophy. When the sport turned chic, was really when it all changed. Read the forums… Guys bragging about their $500 surfbags, like purses! Posters being told to “not bother” with a $70 surfbag… “get a so-and-so brand”. Haha! What have men become? I love reading those posts.

    I blame facebook. What a horrible impact it has on society. People just want a facebook trophy. And they’ll make a fool of themselves to post a pic of themselves with a fish on FB so they feel good about themselves and impress their “friends”. Heck, they dont post the pic of the snagging hook and pork!! Just their pretty face and the fish.

  42. Steve S

    How about the DEC doing their jobs. I don’t want to hear the same old bullshit talking points about budget cuts. If they spent a few weekend afternoons at The Point it would more than pay for the overtime with the summons they could hand out.
    And maybe salt water licenses are a good idea, provided the revenue goes to protecting the resource,not dumped into the general fund to buy votes.How about a surf fisherman conduct guide given with each license, with a written test.Sample questions: Do you fish in shorts and sneakers? Do you drop kick your fish back into the ocean? Do you regularly find yourself threatened to be drowned by sportsman?

  43. Adam

    Officer Liza Bobenstien is our local DEC officer.
    Oficer Tim Treadwell is the East Hampton marine patrol.
    They both cover the light house area. Call them up when you see bad things.

    I fished this week end & had many Bass without any retards in my way.
    Walk the walk & you’ll be rewarded.
    Z i was glad to see you with the rod back in your hand!

  44. John P

    We have to separate the illegal activity from the ignorant and downright obnoxious.

    Keeping too many fish and/or keeping shorts is a fact of life. I suspect the budget for enforcement is so depleted that some calls cannot be answered. The funding for enforcement has to come from somewhere. If a SW license is so distasteful to the local industry, we need to figure out a way to get those funds. Maybe a small surcharge on the 4×4 permit or state parking fee. If you want better enforcement I am sure there is a productive way to work this out with the state and local officials.

    In terms of ignorant and obnoxious behavior – you have to realize you’ve got people driving up to 100 miles or more to get to the point, and by the time they get there they are panting after reading reports for weeks. They saveed up their money and their vacation days, and they want that fish dammit, and they wont let the crowds or fish lockjaw get in the way. Montauk is one of the few places on the coast with somewhat predictable day time action, where you do not need a boat most of the time. The hotels get filled, the restaurants and bars swell, so the rest of the world thinks its a great thing.

    Surfrider used to post common etiquette signs, maybe this might help in fishing? Gives people a subtle reminder?

  45. Mr. Lentini

    whats funny is you can substitute the word fishing for surfing at any point in your rant and it would still make sense..I have been surfing out in montauk for 20 years and every year it just gets worse..the biggest issue besides all the douchey richbags that crowd the total lack of respect ……problem with this new breed of jerks is their refusal to learn..period..I agree throw a snag at the snaggers

  46. Tom W

    The a-holes moved in on Thursday and stayed the weekend…. I avoided the point on Saturday and Sunday. The fly boats and ‘yaks… wow. All these “googs” with their brand new VS reels, custom rods and AS surf tops… snagging bass…. the amount of garbage left it was all sickening. I must have picked up a 1000 yards of power pro Friday morning.

    I did see the marine patrol guys there on Wednesday and Thursday. Hopefully he nailed a bunch of these clowns.

  47. birdshark

    It’s really upsetting to me to see people come out and have absolutely no respect for anyone or anything. I picked up dozens of lure packages all around from people who just ripped open the packages and let them fall to the ground. I saw grown men pushing in front of kids to get to blitzes. Snagging fish, high-grading fish, leaving fish for dead, tangles of braided line with six plugs all wrapped together. Thankfully, you can walk a few minutes to get away from some of the madness, but it’s still shocking to see. Like Zeno said, you may not notice it as much until you take a step back and survey it all. I stopped in Brown’s the other day and saw all of the above going on. I agree with John P that maybe some signage would be helpful. There are always going to be a-holes who don’t care and do as they please, but some basic information would be helpful to people who genuinely don’t know and would like to learn. I’d be willing to contribute to that effort.

  48. chuckg

    As a followup, how is this activity deemed “Fishing”…?? Get the Environmental Police on the snaggers and no doubt many of these folks will not have a saltwater license.

  49. Jerzy Prochnicki

    I was sick to my stomach to see the “Meca” this past weekend.
    I saw dirt bags cursing at the boats, boats being so close to the shore that no one could cast.
    I’m talking about three guys one in the red basketball shorts and his buddies throwing bucktails at the boat named “Brazilian Fly” and the skipper on that boat threatening to lunch flares at them.
    You can see these guys on the picture posted by ZeeBaas on the Facebook.
    The smell of the rotten carcasses on the parking lot was sickening.
    People running to the cars to store the fish and coming back to catch more.
    What to hell happen to all of us?

    On the other hand I can’t wait to see the interview you were taking by the sewer pipe on
    Saturday morning. I was sitting on the large log watching the sunrise.

  50. Blakeg

    Found fishing these blitzes frustrating. Had absolutell no trouble catching fish (in the mouth) on the outside of the pods of fish. Had to cut one kids line after he snagged a bass and tangled six guys up. After that, I would rather walk 5 miles away from the blitz and catch them how I want with no worries that someone else will hurt you. Before I went to MTK I thought my main danger would be the rocks and the waves blasting me; but after going I realized I am in more danger from those around me.

  51. ovenrat

    fished from Sept. 29th thru Oct. 11th
    some of the things I saw were heartbreaking at the point, I snagged a fish by mistake and immediately returned it to the water, MANY fish were being taken that way and KEPT 🙁
    when the white bait is there so should a DEC Officer….. people refuse to police themselves and the striper stock is going to suffer. We’re watching it happen and nobody is protecting this fabulous gamefish ….. SAD


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