Lamiglas “Old School” GSB blanks- Part II video- Casting and Load

Grab a chair this morning and a cup of coffee as Lou and I are chatting about reintroduction of “Old School” GSB blanks and casting the so you can can see load and recover vs the old models. I was very surprised with certain things as was Lou


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5 comments on “Lamiglas “Old School” GSB blanks- Part II video- Casting and Load

  1. sioca

    Great videos Z & Lou.
    Glad to hear Lamiglass is going to re-introduce the ‘Old style’ GSB blanks.

    Q: Lou if I where to purchase/order these ‘NEW’ blanks- GSB 120 & 132 1M- how would I be able to differentiate these blanks from the old ones (2005 – Aug. 2016) models ?
    Q: Would there be a new label or label mark that would clearly indicate that these are the ‘OLD SCHOOL’
    re-engineered New Models?

  2. Dennis Zambrotta

    Good stuff – thanks. I still use my GSB originals with the five guides. Glad to see Campanelli still fishing his so i don’t feel like the only dinosaur. Like Lou says , while they may not be perfect for every application , they are the best stick for steering fish through boulder fields I’ve ever used. Kudos to Lami for bringing them back.

    1. zhromin Post author

      I can hear it fine but volume has to be up..that segment was done with on the camera mic instead of wireless so its a lot of abmient noise


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