Lamiglas “Old School” GSB blanks-new video

I got to spend Sunday morning with Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine Rod Guru Lou Caruso shooting breeze about “ new” Lamiglas “Old School” GSB blanks that will be available in stores soon. Could I try to explain what an “old school” new blank is? Sure, but nowhere nearly as good as Lou can

We actually going to break this into a two parts since the first part alone is over 10 minutes

In second part Lou and I will be clowning around and doing some test casting, hanging weights of the rod tips and just talking about all the stuff that made GSB what it was. Give me few days to put that video together
Here is a preview

7 comments on “Lamiglas “Old School” GSB blanks-new video

  1. Lenny

    Instead of saying sloppy I would describe the older 1321m as very forgiving. There’s no learning curve here and no finesse. Just one great all around rod…..Hey BTW what’s with the fuzz : )


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