Jersey Shore Surfcasters Surf Day

The Jersey Shore Surfcaster’s Fifth Annual Surf Day is coming to Brookdale Community College on February 19. The day will offer surfcasters information-laden seminars, multiple custom plug builders, local tackle shops and industry representatives and experts with information on relative equipment.

The JSS works hard at giving great seminar speakers to the NJ/LI/Pennsylvania surfcasters. This year our three featured speakers are all high quality surf fishermen, tops in the game of surfcasting. First there is Toby Lapinski from Connecticut. He is a life long surfcaster, knowledgeable, well-traveled, organized and legit trophy hunter. Come listen to his seminar on his preparation and approach for catching big bass. Next there is Dave Anderson from Rhode Island; he builds a great line of custom plugs named Surf Asylum, which stripers take a fancy to. He will be speaking on “Plug Modifications: From Color to Depth to Action and Where and When to use them.” It will be an information packed seminar. Our third speaker is author Eric Burnley, from Delaware, he will lecture on fishing for red drum and striped bass from the barrier islands of Virginia, and the Outer Banks.

Surf Day runs from 9:00 a.m.-4:30 a.m. The cost is $10, kids under 10 are free. Every kid goes home with a nice door prize.

All the information that you would need, including seminar schedule, speaker profiles, directions and more can be found at

Or call 732-539-3626

And yeah, Surfcaster’s Journal will  be there 🙂

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