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For the reasons unknown to me, some people on this blog are not aware that we launched a  new issue with a totally redesigned website and blog to match it. Not only that, but I only got a single email about how to get into the mag (you need to  “Log In” each time with your user name and password). Which makes me very happy. Or is it that most people just register for giveaways? I am ok with that but I always assumed that anyone of this blog would be first, crazy in love with surfcasting, b) big reader of this magazine and only c) wanted to win some stuff. The winner of two lures from Tactical Anglers is You have 5 days to get us your shipping address at

For those of you that are just waking up, around 6 PM (I want your life!) ,yes, we did launch the new issue. And if you look at the top left hand corner of this blog you will see giant  SURFCASTER’S JOURNAL button. Click it, it won’t bite. Or you can just click on this link

And here is the cover (you can also click on cover to go to magazine, don’t we make this easy?).



My props for a great shot goes to dude who came a long way with his camera in a short time. Just like he did with running one of the best reels in the world operations, Ron DiCostanzo, the ZeeBaaS Master. And not only did he snagged two recent SJ covers but you will find his videos on lure making and modification in each issue of the magazine in 2013. I am sure those of you who subscribed have already watch them.

Since I have very little to do with this new design as I posses zero artistic ability and vision, I want to congratulate Tommy on his vision for SJ. He is the one who came up with concept and who worked with a designer to make it look what it is. Since you guys can only see the blog comments, I will share some emails I got.

From our columnist

I have two words:

HOLY !#^* !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a great job……..

How about our advertisers ?

New Journal Looks AMAZING!!!

The embedded videos is a major step into the future.

Readers ?

Wow, guys!!!! looks great. Thanks for all that you are doing

Couldn’t sleep. Ended up subscribing and reading the whole mag. Definitely best so far!

LOVE THE NEW LAYOUT!! whoever thought up the “info” links that are shown is a genius! With a beautiful magazine like this, it is sooo easy to overlook all the handy links you guys put in. There is some real innovative thinking here

Proud paying subscriber! Best of luck with this killer layout and format.

Cover to cover….an awesome undertaking SJ crew.

Ok, so you are missing out but its ok, we are just getting started. We did not wanted to make big deal about our new website before we made sure everthing worked well…and easy. So click here and join them in reading the most visually appealing publication on the net, a publication about your sport.

I also want to thank Mr. Steve Musso from Super Strike Lures not only for being our supporter from a day one but by also always raising to the occasion when we have something special going. In this case, Steve has offered us a new color darter for a giveaway, a Purple Haze, new Super Strike color for 2013. And his dad, Donny Musso has a 20 page spreade in this issue! :-)..Musso’s are cranking on all cylinders

But I think for once I will listen to CT Matt and make only the subscribers eligible for giveaway. I think that is only right. That is coming later in the week.

Purple Haze2

Stay sane, spring is around the corner and we sincerely hope you like what we have done. And please, any questions about signing in, subscribing, advertising,frozen pizza, editorial or whatever..drop us a line at

15 comments on “Issue #17 of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine

  1. Barry D Thomas Sr

    The “NEW” Magazine is Great! Videos are Fabulous Chock Full of Information and Tips. Sign is was So easy that might be why you are not getting feed back

  2. NoobGoogenhiem

    You know SJ is scraping bottom when Z starts listening to CTMatt haha.

    Everything looks great on ipad,android and apple. Thanks for everything Yo Dude you crazy lunatic of the layout. This was no small undertaking.



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