Interview with Paulie of Montauk Part 1

lets start off the week on the right foot. Grab a chair and tell the boss to buzz off

Tell him (or her) you you need 20 minutes to meditate, 18:11 exactly

You can watch it in full 1080 High definition if you’d like..or 480 like you grandpa used to 🙂


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41 comments on “Interview with Paulie of Montauk Part 1


    Very informative, and well done for all the newbees wanting to fish Montauk. Great way to start the morning with a cup of coffee and watching Paulie’s interview. Looking forward to Part II.

  2. CTMatt

    “You get hit right in the ball sack!” lol

    I would drive the 4 hours just to shake his hand. He has the perfect attitude for surfcasting Montauk. He should be the mayor/embassador to striperville.

    That has to be the hardest thing as a business owner…explaining to a weekend warrior how big fish are caught with patience/putting serious time/sometimes just being in the right bait spot at then right time. Gotta suck to go through that talk several times a day.

  3. Jeremy

    Thank you very much for sharing this with us Zeno. I enjoyed Paulie’s insight and the beautiful and hard fought video footage tremendously!! more than I can say you know…..

  4. Ron Mattson

    Thank you very much for a great video. Most of my future surf fishing equiptment will certainly be purchased from Paulie’s.

  5. Sean Kearney

    Great video, really looking forward to part two. I need to show this video to my buddy I fish MTK with, hes been surfcasting longer than I, but his mindset is when we go to montauk if there is not blitzes going on all over the place, there is no fish and we wont catch anything….very sad….needless to say on those blitzless days he is in the truck sleeping while im throwing eels into the darkness. I guess I should probably get back to work now….

  6. John yuschak

    Great video, great job can’t wait for part 2. Was out to montauk and Paulies for the first time a few weeks ago can’t wait to get out to both places again.

  7. woodwker99

    Z, what can I say. Paulie is one of “M”s great characters. I can’t wait for part 2.
    But at the risk of sounding like a kiss azz, You and your outright dedication to the sport of Surf Fishing are one of the top 5 in my book of people who give their all to the sport. From your books, to the giving of your time to this site, I for one say thank you and hope you have a long life and keep it going for all you can.
    THanks and Where the Hell is part 2..ha, ha.

  8. John S.

    This video is such a great gift for those of us who can’t “get there on Thursday and not leave on Monday” Thanks! Cheers to you Zeno and to Paulie, Paul M., Sue, and Surfcaster’s Journal.

  9. Rich S.

    Great Job Zeno! Really caught Paulies’ character on film. And in response to an above poster, Paulie is the mayor of Montauk’s fishing throngs.

  10. Moses medina

    Great job Z, it was entertaining. I can’t wait to fish Montauk again. It’s been too long. Mabe next year, since this year was a bust for me but it’s videos like this that helps me keep my sanity. Thanks for the great work guys. And Z, sorry that you film more than fish but we definitely appreciate it. Tight

  11. David

    Showed the wife the first 2 minutes of the video … now she understands my addiction! Thanks Zeno. Also, bought a new Zeebaas 25 … LOVE IT! Told the wife it was only $500 and a friend was buying it with me … to explain the $1000 CC charge 🙂

  12. Zeno Post author

    Don’t worry about me, it’s the decision I made. I am an adult ….sometimes 🙂
    I make decisions based what is best for day I will walk away from this and become nobody again…Or at least i soon as we get bought out by BassPro

  13. Nip

    Quality video, I really enjoyed listening to Paulie. Again thank you Zeno for bringing Montauk to a South Jersey guy.

  14. woodwker99

    Z ..even if you were bought out by apple;
    Maybe in your next life you will.Till then,
    Fish will jump at your feet and tremble in fear at your name….or maybe they will twitch with laughter as you cast your camera instead of that darter.
    Ha ha.

  15. SAM

    Excellent, excellent interview and work Z. A different experience coming from Paulie, who’s always been good to me the few times I get to go there annually (as well as Melnyk & Sue).

  16. Ronald

    Your getting better &better at this other, game of Communicator!
    Go for the full length feature Z!
    That was wonderful!

  17. JoshR

    not sure if you are checking back on older blog posts and comments.. but i was reading through.. and I noticed these 2 Paulie Interview Video’s are not working.. they come up as Private.


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