Another cow falls to a live eel

Many of you going to find this amusing…last night was first night I went fishing with no camera of any kind. My Olympus is giving me shits, the rest I left at home. For one night this year, I will be fishing unencumbered by gear. It felt good. For the first time this year I could actually concentrate on fishing, I forgot how this felt…why?

here is the example of my typical “fishing trip”

I drove to Montauk last Friday after work, arriving around 5 pm on the north side. Yet again, it was a “working” trip. I don’t consider these things “fun” neither do I enjoy them. I can’t rely on other people to provide pictures, or video so its “work”

I grabbed my  DSLR and my Panasonic camcorder and headed under the light. I wasn’t worried about the rain as it was only drizzling till then…after getting about half a dozen video clips the heavens opened up. I ran back to the truck in vain, by the time I got there, I was totally soaked, pants, sweatshirt, even my underwear, soaked. I managed to keep my cameras dry by sticking them under my sweatshirt.

The problem was I had only one change of clothes in the car, as I planned to head back home in the morning. You might say, what’s the big deal? Well, the big deal was that I have leaky waders. So I crashed in the truck and got up at 1 am, suited up and made some casts from Jones Reef to Scotts. Had few bumps but was back in my sleeping bag within an hour. I was in no mood to wade out and have water rush in my waders. In the morning I got up, walked directly to the light and hanged there with the camera for an hour. By eleven AM I was home , working on the videos on the MAC.  Aint “work” a bitch? I get a lot of emails saying “I wish I can go to Montauk as often as you do”. I would estimate that I spend 95% of my fall with camera there and 5 percent fishing. Which is fine, I am not complaing. But that’s why last night was different….

I’ll make a long story short. We fished the spot which I knew was a “live eel” spot for reason I cannot divulge. My buddy hooks up on a second cast with a mid thirty pound cow. I am sucking wind with a rigged eel so he gives me a hook and a live eel. After more than 5 years,  maybe even closer to 10 I had a live eel attached to my line. It was the weirdest thing I experienced in a long time. I don’t remember when was the last time I felt so incompetent…lol

His fish was so gorgeous, the scenery was second to none…and tonight, more than any other night. I wish I HAD camera…Damned Murphy’s Law..

Does live eel beats rigged eel all the time? Not necessary but there are many occasions one will work better than another. And live eels catch big fish. How big?


How about this 50 pounder that John Bruno landed in Montauk rocks last night and weighted in at Paulie’s? Big enough for you ?


Congrats to Mr. Bruno

 picture courtesy of Paulie’s Tackle

17 comments on “Another cow falls to a live eel

  1. Sean Kearney

    Congrats to bruno on a COW! I was slinging the live snakes last night in the north side till the end of the ebb with nothing but near hypothermia to show for it….my waders leak something terrible!

  2. woodwker99

    how was he holding it? on a stick? and what did you catch last night?????Tommy does better work than this…lmaooooo

  3. Lou

    Zeno says:
    October 24, 2011 at 5:12 am

    picture courtesy of Paulie’s Tackle

    So I picked the photo and no prize? Geez, blame it on Paulie!!

    and btw, only calling BS on the photo! Nice fish!!

  4. Matt

    LOL feel your pain … every time i leave the camera home something worth photographing turns up… Ever since i started carrying a camera and a boga i haven’t caught much worth weighting or taking a photo of other than to prove i was actually fishing.

  5. Matt

    LEAKY WADERS Grab your self some aqua seal for those waders my cheapo waders are still alive going 5 seasons i don’t fish as much as many others but i’m not very cautious when moving through barnacle covered rocks had to seal more than a few holes and a tear in my dry-suit ….

    I Highly suggest some Loon Outdoor UV wader repair i think the UV knot glue is the same stuff any way a tube and a UV light for night repairs. The stuff cures in 20- 30 seconds your back in the water leak free in under a minute you can sure it up with aqua seal when you get home.

  6. Pierre

    I feel for you Zeno… Looks like Murphy’s law is pretty well spread around… I experience this one on a very regular base…

    Keep up the good work though, I am not the only who thinks you guys are really doing something great for the sport and for future generations of surfcasters.

  7. Bob Eisey

    After seeing all your pictures I finally broke down this week and got a Nikon D5100. I have to make a note not to let the camera excitement overcome me. Especially during the next 60 days. Thanks for the heads up.

  8. woodwker99

    Ok just saw pictures of this fish on another site, all I can say is the fish coloring makes it look photo shopped. there are more than 4 pictures from different angles and it looks strange but it’s the coloring.

  9. cal

    1 handed 50 ! dude has got to be a strong lad ! Im 6’2 230 and have a hard time lifting a big girl like that ! Not even a sign of strain on his face ! if i lifted a 50 with on hand, im sure i would like like i was taking a huge dump !LOL . congrats, nice catch !


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