How do you cary your "bling"….and winner of Guides Choice Bunka Boy


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I get emails on almost daily basis from surfcasters who are asking about recommendations on rod, reels, lures and everything else under the sun. I try to answer these as honestly as I can. Just like when we write our gear reviews, we only recommend the things we actually use. Yes, that might leave a lot of products unmentioned but I always felt that suggesting stuff you only read about is better for shysters and internet know-it-alls.

One thing no one ever asked me about it is what kind of roof racks I use. Unimportant, you might say, after all ,they really do not help you catch any more fish. But you would be wrong…..

Are you good enough to catch fish with your bare hands? Because that is what you might have to do if the roof rack you use is just an afterthought. I used to have a rack that I made myself out of some PVC tubing, nailed to the wood. It did its job but then the rash of robberies started and lots of Van Staal’s disappeared from trucks and ended up on EBay and flea markets.

Let’s face it, we carry more bling on the roof of our trucks the Flavor Flav around his neck. Do you really want to leave those reels and rods unattended even for a moment? I wouldn’t.

I have two roof racks, one on each side of my Suburban, each carrying two rods. They are both made by the Rod Vault. Why Rod Vault?

Besides great looking powder finish and sturdy construction, what attracted me to these racks was the peace of mind it gave me. First of all ,they are mounted in a way where removal of the rack is impossible as the hardware is located within the rack. The only way to remove the reels from the rack is to cut the stem of the reel, something not even the stupidest thief will do. They also lock my rods in place at same time. They are easy to get rods on and off the truck, always important for a blitz chaser like me 🙂

Check their website at for more information.

Our supporter Paulie’s of Montauk carries them , as does saltwater Edge in RI. Their newest dealer is one of our earliest supporters, LI Outdoorsman in Rockville Centre, NY. Don’t quote me on this but I do believe the people behind the Rod Vault are looking for retail outlets in tristate area. If you shop doesn’t carry it feel free to mention to them to get in contact with Rod Vault via their website. This is excellent product without safety consideration, when you add those, considering some of you carry gross national income of a third world country on your roof, it becomes an indispensable thing for a surfcaster.


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  1. nycsteve

    Cheap set of bolt cutters to the padlock would do the trick for the victim of society who wants a Van Staal but cant afford one.


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