Almost there….

You got three days to catch a fish and send us a picture.

Who knows, you might even win a Penn Torque…that is if Penn ever send us one


If I hear one more time, “its on order” I’ll strangle someone. Yes, you might have to wait few weeks to get your new super duper Penn but rest assure you will get it.

In better news department, the proofs for William Muller’s updated version of Secrets of Surf Fishing at Night with Fred Golofaro, Al Bentsen and Roger Martin went to the printer. I am going to guess about 2 to  3 weeks before its printed and hopefully in stores by Mid-November

Here is a little video preview


13 comments on “Almost there….

  1. Mike

    That video ROCKED!!!!

    Nice job …. I know a while back you asked your devoted bloggers who was interested in this …. are we on a “short list” to buy direct for SJ?

  2. Zeno Post author

    Whoever sent me an email will get a chance to buy autographed copy from Doc…the books should be in any store that want to carry it

  3. CTMatt

    Z…sent you an email a while ago…just want to get on the list for the autographed book but I wasn’t sure if you recieved my email…

    I know this was brought up weeks back where the SJ crew was concerned by the lack of submissions…but is an extension off the table?

    I know you guys wanted to keep things as you set months back but this fall run is more of a fall walk with the late bait/absent in CT/MA…

    Just bringing it up…if not I hope to submit something next year when I have a buddy to snap a shot.

    If not, so be it.

  4. Nick

    I sent an e-mail for 2 auto copies, 1 for me, 1 for my son, looking forward to it. I read that book a long time ago, I know I have it somewhere…

  5. mark m

    Thanks Z, I am going to call Doc tomorrow and ask to have books at my shop as soon as they are available. I will see if Doc would have a book signing as well as a seminar at our shop in Northport at that time if possible.

  6. woodwker99

    Very cool I can’t wait for it to be out. I have Doc’s bucktail book and use it like mad. This one should be tops.

  7. Rich m

    looking forward to it z, i signed up for autographed copy at show at hilton does that mean im in for one? also nick find that copy they are selling for 300.00

  8. Zeno Post author

    yes, whoever sent me an email or signed a sheet at Hilton show will get a chance to buy a signed copy, but that it. The books will be distributed by me alnoing with my other books. I am sure Doc will be doing book sign in. Mark at Cow Harbor in Huntington NY already mentioned in previous post
    thanks guys
    go catch some fish


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