Got beer ?

I got a little favor to ask….I am thinking about beer…No, I don’t drink much if ever. My grandfather used to say that I don’t know “how” to drink. So I stay away.

But I know many of you enjoy occasional cold one after the trip, while fixing gear or while just hanging.

Since a lot of you have issues of catching, photography and thumbs 🙂 I got an easier assignment for you.

Send me a picture of beer…..Guys drinking in their gear, sitting on the tailgate, penil popping beer instead of a lure, beer chilling in surf, beer on your work bench, beer and surfcasters in background, beer and whatever…you see where I am going with this? 🙂

Maybe you have a candid shots that you already took, or maybe you have a great idea for a shot….send me your photos at

I’d like to do a spread in future issue of the magazine on …what else BEER and surfcasting

Tomorrow we pick a winner of Ebb Point Bucktail pouch….wow, almost 300 entries

13 comments on “Got beer ?

  1. Dave W.

    My shop just got cleaned out by the ball and chain(my ear still hurts). I could have taken a dozen different shots in there alone!
    Six packs are more common than a 30 pounder, this should be good!


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