Ebb Point winner and a Guide Choice Bunka Boy giveaway

Wow, the Ebb Point Custom Bucktail Pouch giveaway was by far the most popular thing we ever gave away according to number of entries. Unfortunately, only one will be a  lucky winner….so here is

The winner of Ebb point Custom Bucktail Pouch is …

Mr. Ron Hild   … rolandhild@aol.com

You have 5 days to get in touch with us …info@surfcastersjournal.com

Thanks to boys from Ebb Point for making this possible…check out their great bags at http://www.ebbpointsurffishing.com/

People say we give out way too many goodies, they say we give you a chance to win “good” stuff. Yeah? Let others give crappy stuff away that they don’t want to use it themselves…Besides, who else are we going to hook up then readers of the Surfcaster’s Journal, the universe best surf fishing magazine 🙂

Today giveaway comes from Guides Choice Tackle…We have recently been playing with their Bunka Boy. It’s the lure in their line that caught our attention the first time we saw it….for some reason I am having flashbacks, Big O’, big swirls, big fish 🙂

So far I only used it for few days so I’ll reserve my full opinion until I use it a little more but there is a lot of things to be impressed about. Wired trough with stainless steel wire Permasteel VMC hooks, Wolverine triple spilt rings, loud rattle and a tough clear coat finish. When I tell you it cast like a dream, I am not exaggerating….how does it swim?…you judge for yourself


By the way, if you visit their website at http://shop.guideschoicelures.com/main.sc you will not only get to see their entire line of product but you will also find out that you can win some plugs from them for sending them a picture of their lures in use. Pretty cool.

Today’s giveaway is for this bunker Bunka Boy from Guides Choice Lures

Just say “I am in” to be eligible


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