Going Heavy

Sometimes you wonder why some ideas take so long to come to fruition, but when they do, you say “hallelujah”.

For years we all struggled with fishing in a sweep brought on by the inclement weather. We tossed the bottle plugs and bucktails because those two were the most effective in digging in and presenting our lures properly. Or at least adequately in my case, as everyone knows, I don’t do anything properly. Or know anything…but that is a post for another day.

Metal lips, plastic swimmers and even darters have a hard time holding in a rough water. Even needlefish had to be loaded (mainly with oil or mercury in the old days) to get under the surface and stay there. You might say why not toss a larger, heavier needle. Like those that look like police batons and weigh 5 ounces ?

The problem is the wind resistance. Often times, even although the lure might be heavy enough to cast into the wind or sweep, because its profile is so large it creates more wind resistance. What we really wanted was something with a thinner, compacted profile, that will cut through the wind and sink like a stone.

If you spent any times on the beach last fall you know that the sand eel bite was intense but so was the sweep. And yes, the tins were the kings but they also had issues of fluttering towards the surface in heavy sweep.

But that is not the only place where heavy, slim profile lure will excel. Anywhere where you have deep ,very fast water, a thin profile heavy lure will get down towards the bottom quickly, putting you in a better position to catch big girls that hug the bottom. I doubt any lure will ever replace the effectiveness of a bucktail in the inlets, but the new weighted Super Strike needlefish lures will definitely be used along side of them.

We at Surfcaster’s Journal are of course curios creatures by nature…however, instead of giving you our spin of these lures we cornered the Musso boys at Surf Day  for few seconds and asked them to tell you directly


15 comments on “Going Heavy

  1. CTMatt

    Nicholas what exactly are you in lol??

    I bought the heavy bullet when it first came out after stumbling on it at my local shop. I used it during calm/not so calm conditions and times when I needed a little more punch/distance. The heavy super n 3 oz casts very well and although bait wasn’t present when the conditions needed that specific lure it punched through a hard sweep that was practically knocking me off the rocks and best of all…that punch avoided wind knots. They get down quick/cast amazing and have a great profile when sand eels are present. i am partial to the clear green color and all clear. Guys also take clear needles and use permanent markers from deco color to get all sorts of great colors. Heavy isn’t just for Block, when the water is ripping and you can keep your retrieve speed under control this lure can “plug” into a variety of situations.

  2. Chris A

    Its a great video but when he spoke at the Seminar that was just legendary Thanks SJ crew you make the winter months go fast and the rest of the year with great motivation and information thanks

  3. Chris A

    Thanks Zeno been a fan when Richard (Montauk Rocks) say take a look at your blog) Which was a few days after you started. Don’ t make one or two get you upset your work is top notch and the point you want to bring out comes out….I ware your shirt and sticker with pride of the work you do and what you bring to the surfcasting community is needed

  4. donzie67

    Grabed a few last fall before they became unavailable due to injection mold problems. Have about 12 or so all diffrent colors. They fly no matter the wind. I was reaching spots that others could not. They were off the shelfs quick.


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