Ebbpoint Custom Plier Holster

No, I am not going to say a Ebbpoint  Surf Fishing Custom Holster Giveaway in the title…too many see the giveaway in the title and just respond I am in

I want to thank members of JSS for another well organized Surf Day. Tommy, Ray and I had fun and it was a pleasure seeing a lot of old friends. As the show progressed through the day, the crowds got lighter so Tommy and I took the advantage of the less crowded conditions and conducted few quick interviews with some of the show vendors.

One of them , Nick from Ebbpoint (http://www.ebbpointsurffishing.com/)  has graciously donated the pliers holster and today , one of you guys will get a chance to win it.

But first , before you say I am in , you got too see this video that features Nick new “Montauk” surf bag from yesterday show


pliers not included

lol 🙂

277 comments on “Ebbpoint Custom Plier Holster

  1. Mike G

    I am in…. Nice video. if I had enough money with me I probably would have walked out of surfday with one of the high end bags.

  2. Charlie G.

    I’m in
    I love my Ebbpoint 3 tube and just picked up a 4 tube eel bag.
    Great quality products and will last me a lifetime, well worth the cost.

  3. Kevin J

    I am in.

    Thank you for this opportunity and keep up the good work with the videos. It is always nice to open up the computer and have a little video reminder that spring fishing is almost here!

  4. Douglas

    Im in thank you gentlemen. I love them bags and maybe one day the old lady will take pity on me and allow me to purchase one.

  5. backlash

    Nice bag and sheath! I’m in. Thanks SCJ. I enjoyed this video “hands on” reviews a lot! And thank you Nick for giving one of us a chance to win one of your great products!

  6. martino Agosta

    I’m in. Thanks for the chance. Would make a nice addition to all the other EbbPoint I already own, Great stuff!!!!….

  7. Jamie

    I am in!
    Thanks Z & co. for catching those folks that just have their computer automatically respond I am in to any post. If you change up what the response has to be you’ll see who those clever computer people are.

  8. martino Agosta

    I’m in!!. I have the 4 tube Montauk eel bag and the 3 tube !!!. The bags are awesome!!… Nick from EbbPoint>>a real Gentlemen!!! Z Thanks for the chance.

  9. Bob Mirynowski

    I’m in. Enjoyed visiting all three custom bag makers at the show.It was great to see their products in person and compare before making my purchase.


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