Dare to dream ?


I glance over many things on fishing websites, but never over any conversation involving the weakfish. What can I say, I love fishing for them. In a perfect world, where we have all species recovered and in sufficient numbers in our waters I would probably spend 75% of my time chasing weakfish, 20% chasing bass and 5% on bluefish. That is how much I adore catching them. I miss those insane head shakes on a  light rod, those crazy first runs and the beautiful colors they have on their bodies. Ask me if I want to fish back bay with a light rod and a small plastic swimmer and I will tell you that I have some yard work..or painting. Tell me you found weakfish in the bay and I will be there with my light outfit before you finish the sentence.

Sadly , it’s been few years since I’ve seen one. For the last decade I probably spend 90% of my time in July and August, on those calm summer nights, chasing the weakfish. And I did well in those days. Some years few dozen, some years a hundred of more. Strawberry Man’s Jelly worm and a lead head was often the weapon of choice and small bucktails and small swimmers close behind. But then they disappeared completely on me. First year I blamed it on the dredging in the inlet, second year I blamed in on myself, third year I accepted the fact they were gone.

No one really knows why weakfish appear in cycles, where do they go when they are not here. I sure would like some answers. Last few years there were reports of few caught here and there. Mostly an accidental catch. It is maddening to take your kids to local docks in august year after year and catch a dozens of juvenile weakfish but never to see them come back as adults.

This year, I am getting a different vibe. No, I am not going to get my hopes up until I actually catch one. But there are some reports trickling in from usual places, gillnetters, boaters. Then there is a report from Shore Guide Charter Service in NJ…here is the link for you to follow http://shorecatch.com/wp/tiderunner-weakfish/

Look at those beauties caught few days ago. And you know these dudes are fishing in the back bays, places which you can reach with you cast. There is a funny coincidence regarding these catches..you know the new Guides Choice Skinny Minnie small swimmer I used the other day with hook protectors on to catch few bluefish? Seems to be their weapon of choice for those beauties. Man, I am jealous but again, I am cautiously optimistic.

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7 comments on “Dare to dream ?

  1. Steve S

    And dare I say they are my favorite fish to eat. As of last weekend, out in Peconic Bay, the commercial gill netters that I know have been catch more more weakies than bass.

    Would be nice to catch one myself….

  2. Richard aka Woodwker99

    I wish that they would come back as adults. last year I caught half a dozen baby weekies in the river while cast netting peanuts.for bait(yes all the weekies went back non the worse for the wear). but I hope it bodes well for moriches bay.

  3. Jimmy Z

    It’s been a while since i got one too Z. I remember when I was a teen many moons ago and the huge Weaks I got when bass fishing one year.

  4. Steve M

    It’s been awhile for me. They were by far my favorite to chase. I’ve simpley stopped looking now. My discouragement only enhanced by an occasional report of a netter catching a school of spawners. Like everything else…loss of habitat and commercial fishing are the problems in my opinion.


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