Bluefish attack

Saltwater Edge in conjunction with John Skinner, Blue Frog Bucktails and Aquaskinz have a great promotion to kick off a 2012 season.

Jigs are among the most effective lures all season long and especially early in the season. We have also noticed an increasing interest for our customers in incorporating more bucktailing into their game plan. So here are the products and the knowledge you need in one promotion!! The price represents a 25% savings over the items purchased separately.

Here’s what’s in each kit:

– (1) Fishing The Bucktail – by John Skinner
– (1) 3/4 oz White Fixed Hook Blue Frog Bucktail
– (1) 1 oz White Fixed Hook Blue Frog Bucktail
– (1) 1.5 oz White Fixed Hook Blue Frog Bucktail
– (1) 2 oz White Fixed Hook Blue Frog Bucktail
– (1) 3 oz White Fixed Hook Blue Frog Bucktail
– (1) Bottle of Red/White Striper Sea Strips
– (1) Aquaskinz Bucktail Jig Holster
– (1) Aquaskinz Wading Belt
– (1) Aquaskinz Pork Rind Holder
– (1) Aquaskinz Plastic Swivel Clip

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The Second and not any less important , the winner of Rock Hopper Belt Clips, generously donated by Rock Hopper Fishing at

The clip goes to Phil McGovern

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Ahhhhh, yes, the Bluefish. The yellow eye Terror, the Devil with a tail, the fish that NEVER gives up…

I wrote the other day about what happens when they show up…. few days later I am in the inlet with a Silver Fox, hammering them. Of course it gets a little old when they would hit your grandmother’s best silverware if you tossed it at them, but it’s still fun. Which is what is it all about

We caught them on bucktails with no hair

We caught them on bucktails with hair.

We got them on Super Strike(Don’t Leave Home Without It) bottle plugs, darters and poppers.

We even crimped the barbs on a redfin just to tease the crap out of them

But the kicker was tossing a Guides Choice new Skinny Minny swimmer with a hook protectors still on all 6 barbs…and catching two fish anyway.

Yup, it’s that time. I was really hopeful that I would be able to take my son the next day but we got a gale wind and arctic air temperatures…figures.

They are still there…go get them

After about an hour of this, I took Silver Fox’s camera and shot some pictures. Yes, my camera is busted, I forgot a SD card for my Go Pro and I only found one made leader in my garage. The tarpon in the Keys took care of the rest of my leaders…. I am never ready to start the season and this year its no diferent.

Big Grins For All



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11 comments on “Bluefish attack

  1. Richard aka Woodwker99

    Hammered them in the bay yesterday as well.Till the wild fire chased me away. but that’s another story.


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