Cuttyhunk Chronicles Part 2

Upon getting comfortable after arrival, Bill and his partner took a walk along south side of Cuttyhunk Island to get familiar with terrain while we just chilled out and rigged few eels. You’ll have to excuse me if I forget who got what and where. I kind of keep track of my success (more like failures these days) but I hope that my memory is not too far off the actual results.


After devouring a lobster each, London Broil and corn on a cob, all expertly prepared by Chef Buoy Tom, we made preparations for the night. .


Even after getting skunked the last two years (the only one in the crew) I was still jacked up to get into water. We donned wetsuits and headed out at dusk. As we walked over the winding path we heard some jubilation, and at Cuttyhunk jubilation is often only associated with one thing. Fish.


Sure enough, Bill and his partner found a place very dear to my heart and were already hooked up and hollering.  I believe Bill’s partner had 5 fish to 22lb on a Super Strike darters that night. Not sure if Bill had fish, I am sure he will post it on his site in report section. Buoy Tom and Boggie had few while Ray and Charlie walked over to west end. The West End had most fish but they were generally of smaller variety

I swam to a rock and cast for three hours with everything in my bag. Maybe I was too far off shore because those on shore rocks sure did better then I did. Five bumps (half hearted most of them) resulted in five misses.

Around midnight we decided to head to west end and met Charlie and Ray who were walking back. They said they had a lot of action but it died with the tide change. Since we just made a long walk, we figured we make a few cast while they worked the coves towards the town. It was brutaly cold, with temperatures a little above 40 degrees and although while in water we were comfortable, standing on the rock I was shivering. Shrinkage as George Costanza best described, was in the cards, liked it or not.

Tom and I found some nice rocks and although the water was dropping rapidly I thought we still have a shot at some fish. After getting two consecutive bumps and missing both fish I yelled to Tommy to put on a Mag Darter. On the first cast he was hooked up and proceeded to land few more after that.

By the time the night was over I had about  15 bumps and missed every single one of them. So much for expert label.


We met up at the house at wee hours of the morning and devoured a tray of sausages and peepers and went to sleep in a freezing cold house.


This is where it gets a little blury..the second night.


All I remember was casters everywhere, at the coves, in front of the club, by docks, at west end, island was crawling with people. I remember going to Churches where Boggie took a blue and raised another and another awesome dinner although I cant remember if it was brisket or pulled pork or something else. Hell, I cant really remember anything about this night other than Tom and Boggie this time went to west end and had a fish each, while Ray , Charlie and I stayed in the coves. I remember Charlie in excruciating shoulder pain and remember them leaving half way trough the night because of it. I thought I had perfect conditions so I stood on a far rock for hours casting rigged eels .Four bumps, four misses. Not sure where Bill was but i don’t think he did more than few small fish, not sure

Fish 19…Zeno 0


Oh, there was more stuff like walking and getting poison ivy all over myself and because of which I am writing this covered in dozens and dozens of blisters and calamine. Naps, more great food and more rigged eels. Might as well be prepared because Cutty can break lose with no notice.


Which is exactly what happened the next night.


You know that old saying that goes something like ” the place was so popular, nobody came”?

We’ll that is about right as what happened on last night, and it was one of the weirdest thing I’ve ever experienced fishing..stay tuned…big fish express is about to arrive

xxxxxxxxNow excuse me while I lather myself again in calamine lotion

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