Chasing Large: Self Motivation and Dedication by Crazy Alberto Knie

Chasing Large: Self Motivation and Dedication

by Crazy Alberto Knie

I often get questions about chasing big fish and how my success is better than most.  Well, the truth of the matter is, I am not better than others and the key to my success lies in the motivation and dedication to the sport. As to the common follow-up question – they tell me they are too busy and can’t find the time. Well, that’s not good enough in my book.  We are all too busy and have priorities in life… but you must and really need to set priorities and set time for it. If you are really serious about it – it’s that simple! 

There shouldn’t be any excuses because my records shows, whenever I am not motivated or don’t dedicate my time to it (which are the ingredient for failure).  Believe me, I’ve been there and done that. My advice is to treat it like a business meeting and setting realistic goals. And that is to motivate and dedicate you for the big hunt. Obviously you’ve must have some skill sets but without motivation and dedication you are setting yourself to disappointments.  Moreover, anything less is setting you to “luck”, and that’s a different story altogether.  While we are on the topic of luck,  I’ve asked a few high rollers to shed some light on the word luck, and although they credit it to some “luck”… but most successful gamblers relies and put all in on their motivation and dedication! 



7 comments on “Chasing Large: Self Motivation and Dedication by Crazy Alberto Knie

  1. TerryB

    When I think of Alberto the first thing that comes to mind is large stripers and pictures with large stripers ! I know he targets large fish wherever he goes and I also know he is a very intelligent guy. Should the fact that the picture labeled 2013 show large fish ( none of which are striped bass) make me even worry more about the lack of large stripers? Also should I interpret that to mean that a smart guy like Alberto finds it more valuable to spend his time chasing other large species as a result of the lack of large stripers? I am a student at heart so simply asking to make sure I am gleaning the right assumptions :).

  2. andy_k

    If ever there was a person who can talk and have me almost in a trance like state, then it’s Alberto. Time will stand still, seemingly, and I will just lose track of everything else as I either focus on the screen or sit here with my eyes closed just listening and concentrating on what he has to say. Leaving my mind to conjure the images of his descriptions within his words.

    An amazingly talented man and in the words of everyone else…..

    More, more more please 🙂

    1. Crazy Alberto Knie

      I just like to thank all for the kind words and it is much appreciated! Stay tuned, I am looking forward to sharing many more of my crazy thoughts, and hope you all will continue to like it. Tight Lines and Good Fishing! 🙂


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