Blizzard Sebile Magic Swimmer Giveaway

First, all of us at Surfcaster’s Journal are hoping you get through this storm ok and we hope lights stay on for all of you. It’s getting nasty out there and there is not a gas station by me that is open. They are out of gas already. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

We’ll send you into this Blizzard of 2013 with a  giveaway. One winner will claim this Sebile 7 3/4 inch, 3 ounce Magic Swimmer

This giveaway is open only to the subscriber of the SJ Magazine. In order to enter the giveaway, you have to tell us what is you favorite part of this current issue. A picture, a video clip, an article, an ad, whatever it is. We will pick a random winner on the other side of this storm

Good Luck


129 comments on “Blizzard Sebile Magic Swimmer Giveaway

  1. William

    I liked the lure “how to” on the offset through wire hole…something I’ve done for many years and take for granted, new builders don’t know to do….

  2. Richard aka Woodwker99

    I found it all just amazing, but I thought the story about the bucktail and dressing it up was very interesting.

  3. samak1

    Skinner’s article. Great writing, story and embedded video. Only wish I can download issue to read on train to work… I am in.

  4. crscott2

    I liked the info on Myco. I hope you guys continue to include articles about fisheries science/ management in SJ mag. Its important for all stake holders to be educated on these issues.

  5. jerryc

    Frank Pintauro – In Memorium. Very sad but touching. Someone that I wish I’d had the chance to meet but the type of article that I hope to see less of for obvious reasons.

  6. Jamie

    I especially liked John Skinner’s article and Steve McKenna’s. I’m hoping to incorporate his teaser tactics this coming year.

  7. chuckd

    Don’t put my name on the list since i won the last time : )

    I like way to many articles to list just one. I am curious about 1 picture though and i guess i will have to ask if Mr. Musso actually used (or uses) that jig on pages 148 / 149?
    Good luck to all out there, stay safe and here is to hoping we keep power

  8. scratch59

    My first choice is: Embedded videos in the issue… I LOVE that feature…

    But since I assume you want a specific item, I liked Lou’s video for replacing a reel seat.

  9. Greg Tucceri

    Just got back from the fishing who in Worcester,Ma the storm has kept alot of the exhibiters away, so if you are thinking of going tomorrow or Sunday you may be disappointed. However did talk with the Stormr rep and there may be a surf top coming down the road in the form of a half zip pullover.

  10. BOB


  11. chuckr

    I like anything that offers “how to..” info.. so I always like ” Plugaholics Anonymous” but this month my vote goes to “Pimp your Bucktails” only because I Just finished John skinners book and this was a great follow-up with some additional tips.
    chuckr – (SJ subscriber)

  12. stripercrazed

    Are you kidding!! Every issue is awesome!!! I would have to say the article on mycobacteria was very interesting. We see quite a few stripers with it in cape may, nj. Keep up the good work!!!!!!

  13. brendangray

    I liked the McKenna article about teasers. I never really use them because it can be a hassle on jetties but the article has me reconsidering that.

  14. robert l

    It’s hard to pick, I enjoyed it all but particularly liked The Hunt and always enjoy reading plugaholics anonymous. Can’t forget Lou either.

  15. brendan craig

    I was stoaked to read Skinner. But the video on replacing a reel seat was great. That looks way eaiser than i thought. However i still dont want to try it anytime soon!

  16. bigjim121165

    Being a member of the SWLCC and having met Bob Jones at the SWLCC show, my favroite part of the mag is his article on Frank Pintauro. Thanks guys be safe through the storm Jim J

  17. Juan

    John Skinner’s article. The time in planning that trip and just watching it all come to fruition. He’s the man. Oh yeah. I’m in.

  18. rbertoli

    Tough to pick just one! The Musso interview was pure gold. I’ll never call a “Donny” a “Danny” again.

  19. Steve S

    I liked the lure building article and video. I do my thru drilling differently but it’s always nice to see other people’s methods and maybe use them to improve your own.

  20. frank w

    i read this website all the time but my all time favorite is lous coloumn’s i love rod building and love reading all the new stuff he has to say and now with videos its awsome

  21. fishyhands

    It was hard to pick something above the rest, this was such a good issue. I got something from every article. I have to echo the comments of the embeds and the how-to articles. Being a foodie, I also enjoy what I’ve seen from Mr. Chase. One thing that did warm the cockles of my tiny heart was the tribute to Frank P. I didn’t know him but felt like I did after reading it and thought that was a great touch. Good luck with the storm!

  22. mikebfishn

    My favorite part pf the current issue was preview of Time & Tide , excited for more new sj originals…..Every issue contains so much knowledge its amazing …..NO REST FOR THE WICKED t- shirts should be next, very cool

  23. mark d

    I am a huge fan of Mr Skinner and Mr Caruso. I am going to pick Mr Skinner this time as he was fishing species that are in my backyard.

  24. Doug Bernhard

    Anything on fishing a bucktail is great, and Skinner; well he is the best of the best. The bucktail is the most under utilized tool in my bag, and the more I read from the good Doctor of all things bucktail , makes me more confident that I need to spend more hours on the water learning to use them properly.

    Please, as a paid subscriber, find a way to allow us to download the content (even if its just the text) so we can read it when we don’t have an Internet connection.

    Regardless, SJ is the best publication on the water. Thanks for finding a way to share your passion.
    I’m in.



    This a hard one because I love the new format, but if I had to pick one thing it would have to be lou’s video on replacing a reel seat. Oh yeah by the way IM IN.

  26. patno6

    I thoink this month’s rod corner was my fav. but, my wallet’s least fav, cuz it gave me so many new rods to want!

  27. johnsanchez

    I’m in. I am interested in learning to fly fish so I especially appreciated the info section article about Lefty Kreh’s book Longer Fly Casting.


  28. sonerito

    The whole mag is on point and has really been taken to the next level but the Musso article was especially interesting. I’m in!

  29. surfratt

    I loved the article by Steve McKenna on the red gill’s.
    They’re a big part of my springtime and late season arsenal.

  30. nipp13

    The Hunt by Al Albano. I had never looked at fishing as hunting. Now I think I will keep that in mind a bit more. After it is all about finding fish as hunting is about finding game. Good article!

  31. jerrryboy

    i loved the don musso piece , seems like a realy great guy and and he is very trusting , hate to hear how these guys stole his work and ideas!!!!! BUT THE WHOLE MAGAZINE IS AWSOME KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK IT REALY HELPS US NEW GUYS A WHOLE LOT

  32. lord helmet

    I liked the McKenna article and the Musso interview. The embedded video for the ads are really neat. This issue was a home run.

  33. quonsetcaster

    Steve McKenna is my local guy and he has put me on plenty of fish with his article.
    But there’s a picture of a Twenty dollar bill on the inside cover that I noticed. Also glad to be aboard with the on-line scrib. Once Cliff from Narry let the members know we hooked up. All your articles are awesome Zeno !


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