Big Redfish on video

Yup, you all heard the stories. He only knows how to fish bait. He only knows how to fish one spot. He only fishes by himself so that no one knows what he does (Jesus, it’s like he is A-Rod shooting roids in his ass!). And best off all, his Tactical Anglers SubDarters don’t catch…

I know that there is a lot of jealousy out there and I know Al has probably rubbed some people the wrong way along the way. But I am here to tell you that the dude is certifiably crazy, he fishes plugs like it’s no tomorrow, he fishiness in rotation and yes , his big Sub Darters catch fish …big fish.

I wish my elbow felt better last time I hanged with him but the truth is I made about half a dozen casts and then manned the camera all night. I’ve seen some monster redfish caught that night, one giant shook and some decent sea trout too.

I also got to see Crazy One nail a big red fishing on his TA Sub Darter, release the fish, strip some clothes off and make another cast and nail even bigger fish on a same plug. To be honest, I did not know that these darn fish eat big plugs, or that they got so big, or that people respectfully fish in rotation all night long.

For those of you who have recently took up surf fishing, I feel bad that you probably will not ever get to play the rotation carousel , at least not in the northeast. All you need is one ahole that refuses to do it and everyone is screwed up. Finding an ahole up north is like looking for snow in CT this weekend, you can’t get away from them sometimes..Having said that we sure hope all our friends that got hot hard get help soon and some warmer temps.

And just a  quick note about the giveaway the other day with question what did you like the best. No, I am not trying to put you on the spot to pick one thing over the other. We are glad that you like so many things in the magazine. But this is sometimes the only way for us to get sense what is working and what might not be. Glad you guys like it all

Carry on



15 comments on “Big Redfish on video

  1. surf zone

    I enjoyed the video of Alberto catching the Red Fish.
    I am glad you where there to film it. I will have to try sub darters on
    Long Island.

  2. mikebfishn

    did i offend someone with my comment i left when red video was posted ….its no longer there , simply said the man is a legend and deserves the right to be able to rub ppl the wrong way, his catches and knowlage speaks for itself ….people are always gunna hate . especially when ur the crazy one

  3. TedC

    Haha, the ahole comments cracked me up. Vid is awesome. I would pay just to watch Alberto work his magic. Of course, i’d annoy the heck out of him with all my questions!

  4. mikebfishn

    Ok good …thanks z , video was great. Is the NO REST FOR THE WICKED banner in current issue tommys artwork? It would look bad ass on sj tshirts


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