Surf Fishing Tip of the Week # 38- making Bucktails with Lou Caruso- Full video

I have to thank an alert reader who contacted me this week to let me know that the making bucktails video we did with Lou Caruso years ago only exists in preview form, meaning there is no full version to be found. I could not figure out why and I know it must be annoying to watch a video and not being able to log into to see a full version. Luckily I found a full version file on my old mac in basement so here it is.

The only problem is Lou lost about 40 pounds i gym recently so he might not be recognizable any more !!!! lol

new issue is up for your reading pleasureissue46

and I know you are all going to get inundated with Black Friday deals , so here is another thing to add to your list

Custom Blue Mackerel Guppy 2 3/8 Flat Pencil just landed in SJ store for holidays

Check in on Black Friday for many more holiday deals from SJ, Super Strike, Guppy Lures, Yo-Zuri, West End Tackle and others

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