I am going to go out of my usual comfort zone and literally beg you to read this article by Charles Witek and after you are done, to please click on the link in the article on bottom and submit your comments electronically

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  1. Dave

    Thanks for shining a light on this Z. Comments sent though I feel it is a lost cause. To me the state of this fishery is WORSE than it was right before and during the moratorium of the 80’s.

  2. Chris C

    Thanks for sharing Zeno, I just emailed my congressman and voiced my anger over the purposed opening of the EEZ. Zeno is it possible for SCJ to start a petition to show how many of us,not only on L.I but C.T ,R I and Mass too are opposed to the opening of the EEZ? Just a thought..

  3. Ray S

    We have our work cut out for us. Charles Witek has been a leader in Striped Bass conservation.
    Anyone know where the RFA stands on this?
    I had contacted the Recreational Fishing Alliance Executive Director Jim Donofrio and asked him if the RFA had anything to do with removing JohnMcMurray from the ASMFC?

    His email back (not edited):
    We sure did and proud of it!! He is not a rec he is a greenie. you guys are the disgrace
    whats the average rec fishermen ?some JO in an Orvis outfit who hates the real average guy like your buddy Witek does. He is another another wack job internet bully.

    1. Jimmy S.

      Wow, Ray. That response from the RFA says a lot. I consider myself a rec fishermen and this guy does not represent my interests in any way, shape or form but this has the ear of the legislatures. We need to fix that and the only way we can is to voice our concerns.

    2. Joseph P GaNun ( Joe )

      Saw this on SO also. Apparently he followed it up with a softened version, but first reactions usually tell the story. He’s a jerk. John McMurray is one of a handful of charter captains who get it. There is nothing wrong with being a fisherman, charter owner and a conservationist all in one. To the contrary we need more JM’s and a whole lot less JD’s. The RFA does absolutely nothing for those of us who ply the surf and continually find worse conditions. Looking forward to seeing them at one of the shows so I can tell them where to put their interests.

  4. Jim Fitzpatrick

    Nobody ever managed striped bass for the sake of the fishery. The moratorium only happened because the bass could be contaminated with pcbs. When the moratorium ended, charter and party boats had to have double the limit of everyone else. There is still gill netting right up to the beaches on the east end of Long Island. When NJ ended commercial fishing for striped bass, the recreational fisherman wanted the commercial share of the fishery. I’ll never understand why sportsmen vote republican so much. They don’t protect the environment that we need to have sustainable fisheries. We had a chance to have a strong political presence with a saltwater license, that would provide funding for fisheries purposes, but we know who stopped that. As for the RFA, we’ll, the response above should be all you need to know about them.

  5. Matt Ernst

    Hello my fellow Anglers,

    Thanks again Chris for keeping us all aware of this valuable resource.

    I’m not going to get in to all the politics behind who has access to these natural resources, and why one group-or another, may have a larger “voice” in creating policy & law in our government…

    …One thing I do know is that whatever side you line up on, we’re stronger together. And whether or not you’re book-smart, or street-smart or just a plain ‘ole fisherperson with common-sense-you know the anecdotal stories all ring-true: the black-back/snow-shoe-winter flounder, the LI-Sound Blow-Fish, the American-eel, the marauding schools of Blue-Fish, the prime numbers of Door-mat fluke, the acres of bunker, the abundant schools of Boston Macs, mixed in with red & blue-herring runs, The Atlantic-cod, The Weak-fish (sea-trout), The Tuna, The tautog, the Jumping Shad-and yes multiple roaming schools of stripers in all sizes-in all LI Waters, for the most part are stories of the past. We all share these moments…declining fishing stocks and larger bio-mass are going, going…gone?

    I’m so glad to have experienced the above during my formative years growing up the early ‘60’s & ‘70’s-we were lucky. Combined with a unique perspective from the point-of-view nurtured by parents who shared the love of raising a family on both shores of Long Island waters…one of whom a marine biologist. The question is: do we have the wisdom & yes, courage to care & protect this resource enough now so that our future generations have them to enjoy? This is not hyperbole! Will our children and theirs have the chance to experience these wonderful stories? Will they have access to this resource? Do you care? Should we care-as a group of anglers? We control this outcome now.

    My senior thesis back in college was dedicated to these memories: Marine Resource Management. Bottom-line of what I learned: It’s a multi-billion dollar market, in which one side pumps more revenue back into the US-economy over and above the other-that’s not open to debate. Visit http://www.asafishing.org. Check out “Comparing NOAA’s Recreational & Commercial Fishing Economic Data; May 2013”.

    My proposal to fixing this problem is here & now and may include the following:

    1- Elections have consequences. Anglers should support those politicians who support real environmental policies focused on sustaining healthy fishing stocks-not maximizing take-quotas. Consider not supporting those pols who ignore science-based facts…yeah I know I said I was not going to get political-oh well…if you love fishing take time and find out who & what the candidate stands for, and do they really have your interests at heart. Are they doing the bidding of some other lobbying group who could give a rats-ass about your 4WD night-surf-fishing experience on Shagwong-Point, or drifting outside PJ Bouy-11 for summer-flounder or working the skinny-water throwing BF-buck-tails under a full-moon in October on the north side, or ‘up-front’ under the ‘light’…you all have these stories!!!
    2- Consider policy & programs that re-train the commercial-industry towards other trades and or professions in a respective manner.
    3- If a species is in decline-and you know it is, shut it down; let it rebuild without pressure from both Recreational/Commercial groups…it worked in the late 80’s and early 90’s for stripers.
    a. Make sure that species, and all marine-species maintains a healthy environment…if it’s healthy for them, it’s healthy for us.
    4- Support Catch & Release tournaments. Shoot the catch with an iPhone and or have a witness or other legitimate way of proving catch weight & size without the kill…
    5- Most of us love to eat fresh-caught fish, it’s great eating…Promote a bracket-window take for species such as Striped-bass as Florida has for Snook; i.e. allowed to take one striper say between 18”-28”. Heck the larger bass over 30” are the breeding biomass anyway, and all that fatty meat on those larger bass holds more residual bad stuff…
    6- Crush the barbs, change out the back treble-hook with a single-hook and keep the tip-up-you’ll land most of the hook-ups…if it gets off, you have another story to tell…
    7- Respect and listen to the other side, we’re stronger together-not divided!
    8- We have the power & responsibility to protect what makes us truly great…to pass this on to our future generations…have fun & enjoy the experience for the next generation and theirs…

    See you on the shores, or the seas…and keep the tip up!

    Your friend in sustainable fishing,

    Matt Ernst


    I took the time to make my opinion heard. Charlie has been fighting the good fight for as long as I can remember. With the mid term elections coming, it’s the perfect time to educate yourself and vote. We have been fighting for a long time and will definitely have to continue to fight. Not doing anything will get us nowhere. Sign the petition and get out and vote. We need all the help that we can get. Bob Jones


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