You asked for it…

I am sure many of you are just like us at SJ, running around like chickens without heads during the holiday season. And no end in sight… btw, thanks for the 450 emails I got yesterday when you entered in Commando giveaway…lol

We are working on issue # 11 so all other things are being put on the backburner, including one thing that you have asked us about repeatedly over the last few years. Yes, it seems strange that we don’t have Surfcaster’s Journal gear, shirts, sweatshirts and such in our online store. There are two reasons for that. First, we don’t have a budget for those things and we are paranoid of getting stuck with stuff. When you talk the talk, everyone says “I want one” but when you actually make it it’s a different story. Which is understandable, I do the same thing. The second thing, equally and probably more important is the art work. You guys know Tommy does not operate on premise “ let’s get it out there s quick as possible”.  Until he is happy with the design, nothing will get done. Which on the end of the day makes sense, after all, we want to have something we can be proud off.

Well, after two years, you will finally have a  chance to order a SJ sweatshirt like the one I am wearing in the picture below. Probably sometime after the holidays, we will do the same thing we did with those limited edition t-shirts in September. We’ll give you a chance to preorder them and then we will only make exactly that, no more no less. And trust me when I tell you, you will like not only the price, quality and design but a special offer that will come with it…stay tuned



pst…another very special giveaway coming up very soon


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41 comments on “You asked for it…

  1. Jeremy

    Def sick artwork Tommy! Love the crossed rods shining through the light that is so cool. Hey Z, cant blame us for the 450+ posts lol…..since you showed me one a Commando has become the bag of my dreams

  2. Philip Brill

    The design is a good one. I like it.
    I’m in for one.
    Nice…very nice.
    i don’t know where you find the time to do all of the things you do.
    Thanks for Surfcaster’s Journal.
    It’s Special and so are the guys that make it.
    Happy Hoildays

  3. Zeno Post author

    easy..I got no life..I miss tv sometimes but who has time…
    last night I attempted to nwork on Skinner’s new bucktailing video…4 hours and three crashes later (who said Mac don’t crash) I got two minutes of twenty minutes video done..some days are better then othes, last night wasn’t one of them

  4. Maged Ibrahim aka MagDarter

    Hats off to the design! I like it a lot. Nice dulie screens too I have to do that some day… I’m IN

  5. David K

    I will take one! Great job guys, we know it is a lot of work, what you all do. Thanks.

    David (XL-Size in the hoodie)

  6. Dave W.

    Zeno, I can relate to getting stuck with stuff. I play in a rock band and we get hats, shirts, stickers ect. Unless we give it away most will not pay for it!
    When you have them I’ll get one from the store. Thanks!


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