yeah…still alive

It’s nice to be back on US soil. After awhile you start to get queasy by all the anti-American sentiment abroad…and I am talking Europe. Amazing how far has the pendulum swung. When I was a kid I thought the US was the land and honey. I still do. But people in Europe have definitely changed their tune. Maybe we should send them another few zillion dollars in “aid”…
Kidding aside, those dudes have problem that might be worst then ours, not only financial but immigration, religious and others..

I think you will be happy to know that they still smell as bad as they did few decades ago…if not worse. Holy shit, everyone is wearing Kappa, Izod, Polo and other $100 shirts…couldn’t you find a buck to buy a deodorant?
One of the great mysteries of life

I see that we have a new world record striper. As I predicted few weeks ago the naysayers are out in droves. I really have no opinion on it. It’s cool if its certified but I think it’s not going to last. I can see records falling more than once in next few years. I hope one of you gets a shot at it? Me? Everyone knows all I do is catch schoolies. And that is cool, someone has to play with them, otherwise they will feel neglected.

I did wish I took few more plugs with me. No, not to fish. Most of the fish I have seen and caught were smaller then plugs we used. But that crystal clear water is great for some underwater video footage.

After getting over jetlag(or so I thought) yesterday I went to bed last night at 9 only to wake up at 3 AM.WTF? So I did what any of you would do, grabbed my 7 foot St Croix Legend, three 1/2 ounce bucktails and went to the inlet, looking for weakfish. First cast ,wham!
Could it be? I haven’t seen a weakfish in three years now…but it wasn’t meant to be. Only a feisty bluefish. Do I really have to fill you on the rest after catching a fish on a first cast? Yup, not a bite if you don’t count 68 mosquito bites and one banged up knee on the rock as I tried to get away from them on the inlet rocks in flip flops…again. Hey, I am a slow learner.
Good to be back….

8 comments on “yeah…still alive

  1. Moses

    Hey z, good to hear that you enjoyed your much needed getaway.when I saw that mr. Myerson had landed an impressive 81.88 pound bass.congrats to him by the way. I thought instantly about the question that you asked earlier,if anybody thought that the current world record would be broken.I believe that there will be more monsters caught in the future. Z I think you should come out with the first surfcasting flip You should screw some korker studs into the bottom. Tight lines Moses.

  2. CTMatt

    Good to have you back Z!

    My only opinion on the catch is hey, a whopper is a whopper but eeling is like catching a fish from a boat. I still hold Reynolds to a slightly higher pedestal, drama and all for catching it on a plug from a jetty. Great catch, think of how many other whoppers never get publicized…

    If I could put my kids through college I might reconsider though…

    I was more disappointed he was wearing a bosox jersey then anything else haha…

  3. silverfox

    Anti-American sentiment you say…….I guess all that hopey changey stuff ain’t working too well over there either. Welcome home dude.

  4. John

    What’s happening in europe is what happens when you run out of other people’s money. Mr. Hopey/ Changy wants us to be just like everyone else in the world…dependent on other people’s money.


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