World record striper?

I think we are due. For the new world record that is. A fellow in Rhode Island came close recently.. Really close, just one pound shy of that magic mark. What do you think chances of an 80 pound striper being caught are?

I think they are pretty good. Forget for the moment all the anecdotal evidence of catches of large fish signaling the decline in striped bass population. I am more curious about what your feelings are on the record being broken. It certainly feels like we are getting close.

Al McReynolds fish certainly did not bring him fame and fortune. Do you think a new record holder, if we get one, will fare any different. Is catching a world record striper a life changing event?

I have mixed feelings about it. If the fellow who catches it is a charter boat captain he might benefit greatly by never worrying about bookings again. After all, he will be a record holder. If a surfcaster catches it, I got a feeling he might regret it, especially if he catches it alone. For his sake, I hope he catches it in front of 100 people in Montauk blitz. Otherwise the story that he bought it from a trawler will start before he gets home. Personally I wish it will be caught by a guy whose skills in the surf are unmatched. That would definitely eliminated me from consideration which is just fine

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  1. Ctmatt

    I think about this a lot. I have read how record fish can ruin lives and also cause great joy. Personally I could care less if someone wants to dispute how I caught a fish…I don’t fish for anyone but myself and if they are skeptical they are just jealous. I think it would be great to have a local/state record and be remembered for catching a whopper. Some folks get lucky and other put in countless years and scrape a 30 or 40. In the end the fish always has the advantage…
    In the age of photoshop I think a record breaking catch will be under intense scrutiny even if it is 100% legit. I would love to be on the other end of a whale just for the personal fulfillment I get from fishing. If someone admires it great but I wont let it change the way I fish after that point. No signature million dollar plug/reel deals. I think it would take more of a man to release it. Not sure if I have the guts to do it even if the fish isn’t producing as many eggs as her younger self. Hopefully I do the right thing if I am lucky enough to find a beast.

  2. John Martines

    I maybe a dream for many of us but.. I think it would suck and I hope when it happens to me LOL.. That I just release it to disappear into the waves.

  3. bigfishlarry

    I think the feat is much more impressive if done from shore as opposed to a boat for many obvious reasons! However I agree with all you mentioned Zeno… will be more of an Albatross around the neck of a surfcaster as opposed to a badge of honor….there will always be doubters!

  4. Dennis

    Unfortunately i expect the record to be caught on a boat.wire line trolling all the glorious ways to catch a fish.The more and more I think about the record i have trouble believing the story.

    15 lb mono and a 8ft stick…..hard to believe

  5. Backlash

    The X-factor is what I call it. The chances of landing a new world record striper from the surf is very slim, but not outside the realm of possibilty. First of all, how many of those 80+ pound fish are there? How many frequent the surf zone? What are your chances of being within striking distance of that fish? (same place same time?)What are the environmental factors (rocks, surf conditions, etc.) If your lucky enough to even hook one, will your equipment and tackle hold up to the stress and pressure? How you fight and land the fish are part of the equation. I’m sure a mathemetician could probably come up with an equation that would say “probability = not good). I’m sure there are people who have lost fish thinking to themselves they lost that world record fish, (Lord knows I lost a few momma’s I need an answer about before passing through those pearly gates)and maybe that record fish has already slipped away. But I don’t think about chasing a record. It’s jackpot lottery odds / fantasy. But who ever catches it would be blessed to catch it in the daylight with a picket fence of anglers with cameras and video to document it. Is this the “Impossible dream?” I hope not. But when and if it happens I hope it’s an inveterate dues paying member. Not a newbies first cast, first ever fish on a piece of clam 1:00 PM on a Saturday morning making sand castles on the beach with his kids on jammed packed beach during the July 4th weekend.

  6. firstlight

    Peter Vican, the individual who caught the 77 1/4 pounder, isn’t one to seek glory, but rather personal satisfaction. He and his partner fish hard, know the fish habitats, and keep few fish . . . usually one to weigh in if they’re in a tournament. That he caught a 76 pounder last season is testimony to his knowledge and diligence. In light of Peter’s accomplishments I believe an 80 is very plausible.

  7. Matt

    Its a potential Million Dollar fish … use brand name gear and your in. You caught it on a rod X Reel X Line X Bait X or Lure X the Xs remain Xs until the checks clear. I’m out for the big one .. Its the only healthy fish I ever plan on keeping. Gut hooks aside as i don’t like waste, no need to send a keeper fish that’s mortally wounded to rot in the sea.

    If i can manage to not have to work a real job again and fish the rest of my days by keeping the record then I’m going to do do everything i my power when i catch it to make fishing retirement a reality.

    If there is a means to do it with a live release I’d take it. Which could be very possible on a kayak.

    I’d love to catch it in the surf that would be my first choice just for the challenge but harder for live release. And the hell with the scrutiny always conspiracy theorists and wouldn’t matter i know i caught it and the lie detector test the IGFA performs not a bad backup to the story. I carry a camera I wish there was a boga set to 80# with the words Record engraved. Its the only weight i really need it to say. Because anything short 80# gets sent back to frolic in the surf.


  8. irish

    its out there, it will be caught, and probably in inglorious fashion,

    I’d keep it, maybe not the romantic answer , but I’d surely keep it.


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