Winners, the Crazy One speaks and more news…

I need to take a break from writting to catch up on we are going to do some other stuff

First, two winners of Montauk Saltwater Tackle Bucktail set giveaway, courtesy of are



Both of you please email me your shipping address so I can forward it to Bruce from Montauk Saltwater Tackle. Check their whole line at

Number 2..finaly, finally, after all that crap with last 6 months, with blog crashing for no reason, to not being able to load, I am happy to say that the blog and magazine have been moved to a new server. Don’t ask me how and what, I am not smart enough to answer this…You will see the new magazine platform starting with November issue. It will take us awhile to convert all issues to new platform so be patient. As with anything new, it will take some time getting used to. It’s the single biggest investment we ever made, so just give us some time to see all it can do. I can promise you exclusive videos imbedded into the magazine going forward so you won’t have to go to YouTube to watch them. I can also envision an animated ads in the future and for the first time, you won’t have to go to another site to view it on your Ipad or Iphone.

So grab a cup of coffee or crack a cold oneand chill out listening to Crazy One share his secrets

Part I…PART II AND III coming up soon


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4 comments on “Winners, the Crazy One speaks and more news…

  1. bob c

    thanks to surfcasters journal and montauk saltwater tackle for the bucktails .i can`t wait to use them . another cool video too !

  2. fishtrek

    I met Crazy onc back in the early 2000’s. Niceicest gentleman and very easy to speak with. Ever since when I have been able to speak with him, he listens to what you say as he is always learning, as he has stated. Excellent interview. Can’t wait for the next installment.


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