Winners (and losers)


It’s time to announce our winners for Super Strike Killer Bee darter the winner is…

Karl kjellberg


Karl, you got five days to get us your  shipping address to so we can pass it on to Super Strike. Thank you all for entering and thanks  to Super Strike Lures for their generosity.


Winner of Angelo Peluso’s signed first printing copy of Fly Fishing Long Island is

peter douma

Peter look above for instructions

Again, thank you Angelo for your generosity, and we are looking forward to your new book. Btw, you will soon have a chance to win his highly acclaimed signed book, Saltwater Flies of Northeast


Stay tuned to SJ Blog for more details.


We have some more guest commentary coming this week, possibly a video and some giveaways too. We did have some losers this week too….no , not you that did not win a lure. I am talking about myself. It seems like our bank did not appreciate the face that our  balance went under the magic number of zero. As if we knew that we had to stay above the magic line 🙂  I guess we are officially broke….lmao…the joys of small business.  Just busting, we took care of it by selling all our frozen rigged eels 🙂


Lots of talk about this saltwater licensing, not only in NY but other states too. My opinion? I don’t mind conversation about fisheries and finances but I do despise when it turns political. I am as conservative as they come, hate taxes of any kind. However, this saltwater licenses thing, if it would help us manage resources better, I am all for it. In my view it’s a small price to pay. But of course, doesn’t matter what we do or thing, crooked politician will manage to screw it up. So there goes that.


Man , this weather bites. It’s sunny enough to hurt my eyes but too cold for me to actually get excited about fishing. Since I gotten frostbitten few years ago, I am having hell of a time fishing in cold weather. I know many of you guys are out there working your magic …and catching fish.

As I mentioned the other day, Doc Muller did in fact written another book, very much an ultimate resource for any surfcaster in the northeast. It’s getting edited now and if we can come up with accompanying pictures, we should be able to have it printed in the fall.

We are also looking into making mag available as a download …probably in PDF format. I know those of you that have an Ipads can download free ibook app from apple and use that to view the pdf in flip format. We are looking into a creating a custom flip viewer just for apple but I don’t think we’ll be able to afford it at this time. See above…


by the way, I would like to pick a brain of someone who works in the IT or maybe has an idea how we could accomplish this and some other thing so feel free to drop me a line at

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