Winners and gear modification

Let’s get the winners out of the way first

The winner of the two lures, courtesy of Tactical Anglers is

Larry Beerer

The Winner of Rock hopper Fishing  Fish stringer and Clip , courtesy of Rock hopper Fishing is


Both of you, you have 5 days to send us your shipping address to

I am going to assume that many of you are trying to stay cool and away from this oppressive heat. Like I told you in the spring, I had a feeling that this year I would have less time to fish then last year. If that is possible…but juggling too many projects and family life takes a toll. At this point I am trying to get all my project at least off the ground if not completed to have some time in the fall. You will probably see more of me on the beaches this fall but most of the time it will be with a camera instead of a rod. After selling just about most of my fishing related stuff that I felt it wasn’t a necessity I of course took the money and bought camera equipment…or that is what I told my wife. If she only knew just how much…lol

It will be an ambitious project for someone who has no skills but hey, I been told before that I should not do stuff i know nothing about. Like self publishing a book or starting the Surfcaster’s Journal. Coincidentally, there are planned changes regarding the magazine and this blog for next year. I think I gave you all I had to give. That is all i can tell you for now

I was thinking about the gear on LIRR today. This is the only segment of the sport of fishing that I am aware of it where there are almost zero products you buy and use as intented or made by manufacturers. The flashlight get pimped up to fit around the neck, the bags are stitched to fit the fishing style, everything is attached by lanyard, for Christ sake, even Van Stall reel , out of the box were modified by discarding original drag washers and replaced with Penn washers.

We might be interested in ading this to SJ . Who wants to write a bi monthly column on gear modification? Sand spikes, flashlights, pork rind holders, Korkers,rod holders, duct taping the sleeves on that expensive jacket you just bought…lmao

Seriously, if any of our readers is interested, drop me a line at and lets talk.

Coming up early next week, a special giveaway from Super Strike Lures…right now i will only give you a small peak…can you say “BONE” 🙂


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13 comments on “Winners and gear modification

  1. RatherBeInRI

    Sounds like an awesome idea… Hope somebody can step up and do this! I would love to learn what people are doing out there…

  2. Larry Beerer

    Larry Beerer
    702 South Hall St
    Ennis , Tx 75119-5620

    You guys are the bomb I have never won any thing tooo CCooolll

    Thank you.

  3. Richard aka Woodwker99

    I tend to modify everything too. I’ve penn/stalled my 704,I have removed and redone guides on rods, removed the tubes from my bags and come up with my own. I’ve made up my own belt. And I too have modified my headlamp to be better than what I got originally. But writing about it seems limited as to not running into a road block as to going beyond reel mods, rod mods, and bag mods. I could be wrong.

  4. matt viggiano

    I’d hate to see you go as well,but i understand your responsabilities as a father,husband and breadwinner to.Hey if you take up guiding again i’ll book a trip or two with you.LOL

  5. Greg Tucceri

    Say it aint so, I feel like a piece of me is is going to die on that day. I hope it lives on, its the only site left with substance and information. I do understand the responsibilities and obligations you have to your family. I just hope you walk away completely and still make contributions, your Zenoisms crack me up along with stories form the jetties in your flip flops. I will always support this site who ever takes it over as long as it keeps promoting conservation and catch and release.

  6. mike

    All I can say is good luck to you in all your life adventures. I hope someway you will still be involved in SJ, the most kick ass saltwater publication known to man! Our “holy grail” for information,latest gear,fish story’s, and everything surfcaster wont be the same with out you.

  7. Moses

    Sweet SS Bones you got there Z! I’m sad to hear that you might be leaving. I love the Zenoisms and the flip flop jetty stories. We will definitely miss you Z. I hope that your brain child will remain the same. It would be a shame if SJ were to change or sease to exist! This is by far my favorite site and online magazine. Say it ain’t so Z! I understand the reasons why. It must feel like you’re trying to split yourself into pieces and go into different directions. I can’t wait for your next book! The best of luck in whatever you decide to do my friend.


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