We promised you the list of winner on Sunday so here it is

The winner of TFO Gary Loomis Tactical Surf Rod, courtesy of TFO and Edge Angling is

Jack Holt


The winner of Rockhopper Surf Belt, Stringer and Belt Clip, courtesy of Rockhopper Fishing is

Vito Orlando


The winner of set of lures, hat and decal from A.O.K Tackle , courtesy of A.O.K Tackle is

Brian Reynolds


The winner of Mega giveaway from Tsunami, courtesy of Tsunami is



All the winners, please contact us at and send us your shipping address. We will forward them to the appropriate sponsors. You have 5 days


Congrats to all, and of course, there is always more to come at SJ…

Hope you are having a great weekend. I wish I had a time to fish but had to work yesterday, then worked on a new book all day. Good news is, it went to the designer today, so at least I am done with that. Ok, let me get my paint brush back in my hand and continue this tedious work of painting all the doors..hopefully you are on the beach chilling

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24 comments on “Winners

  1. Ted C

    There are 4 guys jones’n to get out and fish!! I know any of those prizes would have had me planning out the next fishing trip right after this announcement! Congrats guys! Put ’em to good use!

  2. Richard aka Woodwker99

    Congratz to all the lucky people who won all those great prizes…. now I’m hoping they forget to collect…hahaha

  3. Gerad D

    Congrats gentlemen , put them to good use and thanks SJ for the opp. Some people have less then others a need little pick me ups . Maybe instead of you guys always giving stuff away we could do something for SJ or we could send in some plugs liters etc… and have a googan give away. I’ll donate either way.

  4. Zeno Post author

    Nice thought …and much appreciated but I think I got sj as far as I could…last week was kind of my thanks to you guys…I was actually planing to give away my personal stuff but our sponsors got a wind of it and their stuff is much better them mine….it all worked out well
    enjoy while sj is still here….until I find my PC on the curb one day…lol

  5. jasonb2

    You guys are a beast. Awesome. Congrats to the winners. We demand to see all fish caught on the winning lures.

  6. Tom P

    Z- Thanks for putting this great giveaway together. You were already spoiling everyone with all the information you and your contributors put together. Much appreciated!


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