Win two gorgeous pencil poppers from Guppy Lure Co

We haven’t done this in a while so let’s make someone’s day brighter. Since Yo Zuri discontinued Surface Cruisers, their overpriced and prone to brakeage-but fish catching machines,  I been looking for a replacement. There are some good pencil poppers on the market including the cheap-as-hell but awesome fish catcher Cotton Cordell. But I always liked the Cordell better in calm surf then on the ocean front. I finally settled down to alternating between my chewed up stock of Surface Cruisers and Guppy Pencil Poppers. I do use some plastic one, manly the big poppa from Guides Secrets as every condition should make you think ” what pencil popper should I use” Because not all conditions are the same, and neither are the pencil poppers.

So today we will give two SJ blog readers a chance to win one Guppy pencil popper each, the premier maker of wood lures. One yellow and one white one, and yes, they come with hooks..haha

You can see their whole line here


Hmm. I wonder if they will be coming down for the Fisherman Surf Show in two weeks?



272 comments on “Win two gorgeous pencil poppers from Guppy Lure Co


    The most interesting surfcaster in the world “I don’t always use a pencil popper,but when I do I use a Guppy”


  2. Mark Catalano

    I’m in..

    Zeno, Do you load the 7inch Cotton Cordell PP’s ? I find when loaded they work well in a moderate surf.
    Mark C


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