Win two custom lures, GRS and Black Label swimmers

The reason you haven’t heard much from us is because we are in the middle of putting together new issue of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine. Between that and shows and trying to hold down our jobs and be parents and husbands, the “free” time is basically nonexistent. The weekends? What weekends? That is the time when we run around northeast doing shows like chickens without heads. But its all good, we’ll be at Asbury on Sunday and we should wrap us the new issue this weekend for you.

What do we have for you ?

Stories from

Bill Jakob
Zach Harvey
“Crazy” Alberto Knie
Frank Pintauro
Dave Anderson
Zeno Hromin
DJ Muller
John Skinner
Russ “Big Rock” Paoline
John Papciak
Lou “Rod Guru” Caruso
Al Albano
Roger Martin
Chef Chris Blouin

Some videos too

Speaking of new issues and shows. This is just a note, because part of my brain is telling me that many of you who signed up at last years shows are unaware that your subscription has expired. The easiest way to check is to log into your account


If you get a screen like this that tells you that you have No Active Subscription, your subscription is expired. You can renew on line or at any shows we will be this year. I just do not want to get emails from people on Monday as to why they cant read the new issue. Where will we be ?

Asbury Park Flea Market this Sunday March 9th

Somerset Saltwater Expo Somerset NJ March 14th to 16th

River’s End Surf Day March 22nd (still working details on this)

St Joseph College Flea Market in Patchogue on March 29th

RISAA in Providence RI  March 28 -30

Ok, now for the fun part of my day, when I get to give something away. Hmm, what to give away today?

How about something special? Like stuff that people line up at 3 AM at these shows to buy

Let me dig into the box, sent in by anonymous reader recently, and see what I can come up with

Well, golly, isn’t this one of them fancy Garry “Big Water” Soldati GRS pikies?

Yes it is and its obviously gorgeous


And we’ll toss in a sweet Black Label Spook for a winner, so that your GRS is not lonely during shipping to your house


Good luck and Come On Spring!!

442 comments on “Win two custom lures, GRS and Black Label swimmers

  1. Don LBI

    I’m in!
    Please let me know when the new issue is due out–might as well put in for sick time now!

  2. andy_k

    7 comments for the last post and (already) 167 comments on this one. And who says that people don’t love the chance of a freebie, lol

    Yup, I’m in please mate!

    Good luck with shows and everything too Zeno 🙂

  3. fishyhands

    I’m in and thanks for the chance! Outstanding looking lures – thanks for your work into SJ and I’m looking forward to the new issue!

  4. pistol pete

    i want:

    Spring, new issue, and those plugs…

    (and a clean garage… but that will never happen. the above 3 just might!)

  5. dedo11

    Wow, so I’m the rookie who didn’t know how to enter. I literally saw this post with zero comments, I could have been number one, like it matters lol but I’m in! Thanks

  6. meyogi

    I’ll save you some money on the shipping costs of those lures and pick them up at Somerset. Win or lose, I’ll be at Somerset.


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