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I know I still have to pick a winner for WileyX shades, I promise I will this week. Spent most of the weekend tying lose ends before I take my son on a trip. That is when I was not medicating myself. I will be really bummed out if this flu is not gone by next week. Been waiting for this trip a long time….


First, a new video of Crazy Al talking about his Tactical Angler Pouch. Watch it, there is a clue in there


No , there is no clue. I am just kidding. What I am not kidding about  is starting your week on a right foot by giving you a chance to win this plug and clips ,courtesy of Tactical Anglers.

What do  you have to do to win?

I asked Roger , our editor to pick three of his favorite pictures in the current  issue of the Surfcaster’s Journal Magazine.

Well look at that , even the link to the magazine appears for you so all you have to do is click. Jeez, you never had it better

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Your job is to pick one picture out of three that Roger picked. First three correct guesses will win these three items from Tactical Anglers

In weird but true news, after almost 20 years of living few blocks away from the Columbian restaurant on Old Country Road in Westbury I finally stepped into it with Da Wife in tow on Saturday. It looked like a place where the locals eats, my favorite kind of a restaurant. I hate pretentious food, fancy plates that suppose to impress my eyes but leave me hungry. Why I haven’t been there before? Honestly, probably because of the kids. Just like many of you, I was probably wondering what the hell they are going to eat if chicken nuggets and hot dogs are not on the menu. Sad but true. But they were both at their friends houses on Saturday and my wife and I had an hour to sneak out in peace…holy shit, why no one told me before about Paella before? I thought I died and went to heaven when that dish showed up. I ate at just about every place in and around Roosevelt Field,Westbury and Carle place in last 20 years, most of them suck. Some of them like the Outback or TGIF are just awful, some like Bacci are solid to excellent, but this little Columbian place really opened my eyes. Good stuff for a very affordable price…can’t wait to go back.

In  fact, it inspired me to got a buy a snapper and grill it just for me on Sunday. For the wife and kids I made meatballs which might be the best I ever made, but they we still not as appealing as this snapper smothered in the olive oil from Croatia and garlic..yummy.

Screw the diet. ..

Have a great week

73 comments on “Win some great stuff from Tactical Anglers

  1. CTMatt

    Since this isn’t one of those ridiculous “I’m In” free for all type blog posts I have to take a sec and say that this pouch is killer. Although I think I paid a bit more then $18 for mine lol I can’t tell you how deceivingly big the pouch is in a tiny package. You can get a few larger Hogys or Sluggos as well as the smaller 1/2oz size bucktails without a problem. Definitely cheap except for the fact the materials are excellent and pretty snag free for this price range.

    His clips, his lures, his bag and certainly his photos are all top notch.

  2. Jim B

    I’ll go with 111. By the way the fish looks delicious, and it isn’t off the scale for a diet either.

  3. Dennis

    Just got one of his darters, can’t wait to use it. Pee wee, Rodney Dangerfield and David Lee Roth is the picture. Not sure if its one of his favorites but its mine.

  4. Moses

    I’m in guys! I say page 83. I also liked page 135! I think Don Musso is in the shot if I’m not mistaken

  5. TomS

    Wow, thank you thank you thank you to SJB, Z & Roger. I never won a giveway before. You’re the best!!!


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