Win a whole load of Spro's new Split Snaps

Now that I have somewhat recovered from the weekend…few thoughts

First, I like two welcome two new supporters to Surfcaster’s Journal family. Steve Adams who makes AOK Tackle has been a friend for a long, long time. His metals are gaining popularity and after last year’s insane sand eel run in NJ, he will have a hard time keeping up with orders. I also like to welcome Al Lemire from Lemire’s Plug works. We are looking forward to tossing his plugs into the water this season. He has some incredible videos of his plugs on his site, produced by Mike Laptew.

It was great seeing them both at the shows in the past few weeks.

btw..taking about old  friends…. I just got The Surfcaster catalog in the mail few days ago. All I can say is NICE JOB!…I can’t believe how much I missed having it in my hands over the years

I am working on a project in my head that is consuming me from the minute I get up, till the moment I get into the bed. Literally and figuratively obssesive ,emotionally and physically exhausting. So if you don’t get your usual serving of Zenoisam, my apologies an advance. I am sure everything will work itself out sooner or later. I will try to at least finish Doc’s Video Interview soon for you guys. Talking about videos, I am reading a book on documentaries and almost in passing the author mentions that the ratio to footage used to footage shot is about a 100 to 1…and this is for the pros making motion pictures. Meaning for every hour of filming you get 1 minute  of footage you can use. I thought that was insane…of course, us who are just looking to entertain our readers are much more lax with “art” and “cinematography” part and more interested in finish whatever we are doing and making dinner for the family…lol

We haven’t had a giveaway in awhile so here is a chance for two readers to be winners.

Each one of them will receive a 3 packages of Spro Snaps in 45, 90 and 125lb test

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248 comments on “Win a whole load of Spro's new Split Snaps

  1. Angler Ace

    1st… I’d like to welcome Steve Adams and Al Lemire also to SJ.
    and secondly of course ” I am In “

  2. Landwave

    Wow, that must have been some weekend to finish recovering from on a Friday!

    I’m in, and thanks for the chance.


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