Win a Ultimate Surf Belt from Tiderunner

As I was writing today’s blog which was going to be an giveaway of a different kind I checked my emails after giving my one typing finger a break. And there was a note from Steve Knapik from the Ultimate Surf Belts thanking us for a honest review of his belt and asking us if he could make this Christmas more special for one of our readers by giving them a chance to win one of his belts.

With so much pain and suffering this year, in the spirit of the holiday season, he wants you to tell us how you were helped by someone this year. It does not have to be fishing related. During these times, reflecting on others and what they mean to us is what this season is all about.

So, in order to enter the giveaway, you have to tell us how you were helped my someone. There are a lot of good deeds done this year, so let’s hear about it. We will pick a winner at random in a day or two and try to get you the Ultimate Surf Belt by Christmas time.




45 comments on “Win a Ultimate Surf Belt from Tiderunner

  1. Jerry

    Hey Zeno. 2012 has been a trying year in terms of career, family health and of course, Sandy. Too many people for me to thank but i am grateful for the hundreds of small acts of kindness that have made tough moments abit more tolerable. Kind words of moral support, offers to hit the grocery store, watch the kids, lend tools, gasoline, extension cords or to lend a hand with the day-to-day crap that no one in their right mind would want to deal with but for friendship. I’m humbled and grateful to have such friends and hope that 2013 will give me an opportunity to reciprocate. I have one of Steve’s terrific belts so please do not consider me for this very generous giveaway. Thanks and warmest regards to you, Tommy and your families.

  2. Cskavanagh

    God sent me into my basement 2 weeks before w sold our house. I went to the “working side” and just dropped something in my work area where I saw something that was out of place, just something in the reflection of the ambient light in the hallway. It was the light on a small amount of water. My water main had just let go outside. I now had about a cup full of water on the floor. I called my plumber, then the town. It was 1045 and the town water guy was standing his watch and shit it down. Whew. Then my plumber called in a specialist because you can’t resort in my town, only replace… Read- pricey. It might have cost me alot of dough, but god was there, along with the town water guy and the plumber and master plumber and his crew. By the next afternoon, I may have been $3800 lighter in my pocket, but I felt good knowing the next owner wouldn’t think this was something to fall in his lap a week later. Happy holidays guys and my prayers go out to you who are affected by sandy and the tragedy in Newtown, ct. God bless.

  3. liquid

    I got a flat tire last week while driving to NJ. I had the whole family In the car with me. While taking out the stroller and baggage to get to my spare. A blue minivan pulled over. A man looked out his window and asked if I needed help, he said his name was Jack. At first I was weary of his intentions, but I was able to read him a bit to realize he was genuinely being helpful. He offered, and I accepted his help. We were small talking and I got the jack out. He took the liberty to jack it up. I took the lugs off, he ended up putting them back on. I didn’t think I needed the help, but he was very helpful. The job was done in a matter of minutes it seemed. I then put the stuff back in the car.
    I was going to get my wallet and give the guy a bill for helping. But as I’m going back to him, he was handing ME a paper. I thought it was a flyer or something. I’m saying to myself “Oh No here comes the part where things get weird by meeting this guy”. but he looks towards my family and I, and says Merry Christmas! it was a crisp $100 bill in an envelope – it will be used to cover the repair or replacement of the tire. I’m assuming I was in the presence of Highway Santa. Thanks Jack & Merry Christmas to you too.

    True story – And I sure could use that surf belt!
    Merry Christmas everyone! Good luck

  4. Dennis

    A coworker of mine cablevision was running a toy drive.i thought the least I could do was donate a toy.
    So I when I filled my tank two weeks ago I bought 2 Hess trucks for the Long Island community I love.

  5. CTMatt

    Thanks Z for the opportunity.

    I love my belt to death and if I won another i would give it to my good fishing buddy who has helped me in several ways this past season. He has helped me more times I can count with fishing advice, pulling me back on to rocks at Watch Hill and in general been a great sharpie to fish with. There isn’t enough space here to mention all he has done for me.

  6. Tony F

    Nice idea Z. These belts are the best. I already have one so don’t pick me. I was happy to see my neighbors pitch in and help each other during the aftermath of Sandy. A generator hooked up to 2 or 3 homes just to have some heat. Our neighbor letting us take hot showers. It was very comforting to see how many people stepped up. Happy Holidays!

  7. MRisser

    Yesterday I was able to give a Christmas tree to someone I’ve never met. What he gave to me was a heartfelt thank you and a “merry Christmas”. That was the real gift, made me feel some goodness at a time when there is a lot of hurt for me for various reasons. Count your blessings all!

  8. MikeH

    I want to thank the nurse who gives me 2 shots for allergies
    (no not Jameson Irish Whiskey!) a week for the past 24 months so I can now breathe again in the spring and fall.

  9. Mike

    A co-worker of mine lost power to his home because of the storm. He has sleep apnia and requires a CPAP machine to help him breathe during the night. I gave him my portable generator to use till he had his power restored. We has able to hook the generator up to his furnace, TV, and internet, as well as his medical equipment. Felt good helping out.


  10. rclapp

    this year we “adopted” a family for Christmas. It is an anonymous process where you receive the letters to Santa the less fortunate family writes and try to make that happen. Should have done this years ago; will do so until I can’t.

  11. Dan Radman

    Being from Queens originally, I couldn’t help but feel heartbreak for the poor victims of Hurricane Sandy. So many people left with nothing. Their lives literally washed away. So I organized a Relief Donation Drive back on November 17th in the town where I currently live, New Canaan, CT. With the help of the YMCA Y-Guides/Y-Princes program, and Americares, we got the word out and had a great showing. We rented a U-haul truck and filled it with donations of every type. Food, clothes, hygiene kits, construction supplies and tools. That afternoon, myself and another dad, as well as 5 of our young kids, drove the supplies down to St. Francis deSales in Belle Harbor, next to Breezy Point. Tons of great people there helping and volunteering. We got the truck unloaded in 30 minutes and were even giving out shovels and rakes right on the street. Immediate help. It was a great lesson for our kids to learn about helping other people in times of need.

  12. Danny

    Some coworkers and fishing buddies spent the day helping me cut trees and build a nice patio for my girl. Its nice to have good friends.

  13. Bob

    LIPA guys did right by me. After finally getting my power back a nieghbor decides to hire a clown to reconnect his power wires from the pole back to his house. While reconnecting the wires the guy shorts them out a blows the fuse on the pole knocking out his house and only four others in the neighborhood (mine included). I called LIPA and was told since only 4 of us were out it was gonna take some time to get a crew out just to get 4 of us back. Later in the day while on my way to work I passed two LIPA trucks and stopped. I explained what happened and the guys couldn’t have been more helpful. They actually stopped what they were doing and drove to my neighborhood and reset the fuse on the pole. Bingo power back. I tried giving them a few bucks for their trouble but they wouldn’t take a dime. LIPA’s gotten a lot of bad press lately but those guys went out of their way to help me. people .

  14. fishtrek

    This not so much for the entry, but for a share. My oldest drove home from CO for his gramy’s 90th. What started as a birthday gift ended much more. Just before his arrival, I received notice that my heart artery was closing up again resulting in another stent. Best part was before going in we spet a day on the beach fishing like old times (brought back memories. He than stayed another week to make sure of my recouperation. This past Sat we went out again for more memories. (during the time off, we played chess, another reminder of the old times.) Either way he just left. Hard but good memories Hope to continue in the near future.

  15. BF

    I was trying to get gasoline after the hurricane and went to the local Sunoco along with so many others in search of the liquid gold. After making it to the end of the line, there was a state trooper parked behind the last car, letting me know that was it for the day. No more cars and to try again tomorrow. So I turned around and headed home. I got but a few blocks away, and everyone was passing this lady stuck at the stop sign. I pulled up next to her and asked if all was ok. She told me she ran out of gas and her cell phone was dead, to compliment her already bad situation. A nurse already late for work and seemingly no one to help her out. I told her sit tight and I’ll be right back. I returned about 15 mintes later and gave her two gallons of gas as that left me with five and half. She offered me money but I told her it’s just nice to do something for someone else while so many others are suffering BIG time. She said, “God bless you’ and at that particular moment, thats absoulutely all that really mattered…

  16. Jeff Lomonaco

    Fishing related, I’m definitely glad my fishing buddy was there to help me when a bass buried a trebel hook deep into my left hand to help me get the thing out! I was helped by everybody close to me a lot this year after going through a tough breakup, my close friends and my family were all there for me and gave me all their support when I really needed them. My parents also helped me financially when things were getting tough with car troubles which I am very grateful.for I feel like everybody close to me has been there for me and have really helped me a lot through everything.

  17. frank w

    On the day of the storm i was at work my wife and daughter were home water rushed the house from back to front my nrighbor ran to my house busted the door in carried my daughter on his shoulders and ny wife in his arms to his house the water by me was at least 5 foot i owe everything to my neighbor everything can be replacrd but my family cant he made our christmas this a very speacial one

  18. Phil M.

    If I were to win this belt, I would make it a gift to a fellow fisherman friend. I have this belt and it is a great piece of equipment. My prayers for the lost children and adults in CT.

  19. TedC

    Wow, what a great idea… I’ll be checking back on this post a couple times to read the responses.

    My help this year was indirect… But affected me more than i can explain. My girlfriend’s father passed away this year unexpectedly, and she had already lost her Mother several years ago. Her father had dated a few women, but never remarried. After her Father’s passing, my girlfriend and her Father’s current girlfriend formed an extremely close relationship… They talk daily and see each other often. Her father’s gf has even visited on all the family holidays since despite living in florida.

    She probably doesn’t realize what she’s done for our relationship… Stepping in and providing a parental figure for a young person (couple) who was left feeling nearly orphaned.

  20. chuck

    My family donated some toys this year to St Vincents Home for girls,its sad to think how many children there are without parents and family that spend the holidays in orphanage or home.And my heart goes out to all those families in Conneticut I just can’t imagine the pain they are going thru god bless them all.

  21. sonerito

    My wife and daughter have helped me through some trying medical times this past year. Of course, my entire family pitched in when we were going through the thick of it but my two ladies were there to provide inspiration and remind me, not in words but in actions, about the light at the end of tunnel.
    My best friend, my wife, just by taking the helm at home and in dealing with the insurance and understanding the medical stuff was incredible. She handled it all when I was down and gave me the peace of mind I needed to concentrate on my health. My daughter, just by being her happy go lucky self, unknowingly giving me that little hug and kiss when I needed it most.
    It’s the intangibles that make all the difference. Goes without saying, I’ve learned so much from both of them. I’m sure they would say I’ve helped them but there’s always more we can do. Little things leave big impressions and lead to life lessons.

  22. Jimbo

    I had surgery to remove a large tumor and a lot of chemo in 2011 battling colon cancer. January 17th of 2012 the surgeon, and I now call him friend, too, in a long and difficult surgery, reversed my colostomy (just Google it if you’re not familiar with the term). I am forever indebted for his help in saving my life and making me a complete a$$hole again.

  23. MattL

    Best of times, worst of times.

    I got married in June to my longtime girlfriend/bestfriend Laura. Rather than get our wedding guests typical favors, we donated to Wounded Warrior project in each of our guest’s names.

    In August I took my boss’s grandson fishing and he caught so many fish it was incredible.

    Fished the Rhode Island based M.S. Surfcasting tourney this fall, met some great people, all of which participated to raise awareness/donations for this disease. Thank you to the participants.

    Then Sandy hit, I was sick as a dog, no power… and my Dad calls and says he is delivering/installing generators for his friends. Then he says, “You home? you’re next” He picked up and installed 6 generators two days after the storm hit for friends and family, and gifted the one to my wife and I.

    Friday 12-14-12 my heart broke once again like it had 11 years ago. My thoughts and prayers are with the good people of Newtown, CT.

  24. Germain Cloutier

    Kinda hard to re-live this but here goes: I was fishing late on night with a friend of mine, on a local dock for stripers. It was pretty late, there was one other guy fishing on a dock that was kinda to the side of us. My friend decided to go down the road a little bit to check a rocky area that holds fish sometimes. As I watched my rod, I heard a sound like someone rolled a barrel into the water. I noticed that the guy standing there was no longer there,and thought to myself,hmmmmmm. So I then went to the edge of the dock and peered into the water, The man was floating in the water. I screamed for my friend AS I went to the lower level of the dock to grab the man. My friend came running thinking I had hooked a large fish. Then he saw the horrible situation that was upon us. The guy,in his mid twenties, just laying lifeless on the dock. As we called 911, a women came running down yelling”please don’t let it be my boyfriend” but it was. She just broke down. After the police and ambulance came and took him to the hospital, we then learned shortly after that he had died.
    My friend and I always thought what if we could have got to him earlier or somehow helped him more. His family sent me a card a few days earlier, explaining how their son had had an epileptic seizure and had most likely died before he hit the water. They were so Grateful that we were able to pull him out of the water so that they could say goodbye to him and not have lost him to the sea.

  25. Bruce Bjork

    I know you’re looking for someone who has helped me but by helping others it has helped me. I don’t know the people I help because it involves donating food to the local food pantry in Maine and considerable financial donations to a Regional Foodbank in CT. Was unemployed for 22 months and spent most of that time actively involved with Foodshare CT. Very rewarding experience and now that I’m employed again I’ve increased my financial support of Foodshare CT and the York County United Way in Maine.

  26. Ryan Matejik

    This year i was helped by the one person that is a great influence in my life. This is somewhat embarassing story but im gonna say it anyway. I was planning on going fishing alone and instead my dad came along with me. It was a good thing he did because when we arrived to our back bay spot, it was dead low and lots and lots of mud. So i decided to wade out so i could access some deeper water and insteand of listening to my dad, i kept wading deeper and deeper. I eventually hit a very very very soft patch of mud which as soon as i stepped in it, i instantly sank up to my waste in thick and heavy mud. I panicked for a moment then calmed myself and realized i just kept sinking and i was in water as well as mud. The only person there with me was my dad and i thank God every day that he was there because he helped me escape the situation that i was in. If he wasnt there, my situation couldve ended extremely bad. I am thankful for the fact that my dad came with me and that he was there for me and always has been there for me.

  27. Mike b

    Actually yesterday I received an anonymous Christmas card in the mail with money in it!!! I don’t know who is watching out for our family of 4 with 1 more on the way, but it could not of come at a better time. I couldn’t be more grateful for the big-hearted donor that helped us in our time of need 🙂 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  28. Jim

    Ya know I was going to try to find something to write to try to win the belt but after reading just a few of the good things written here i said to myself: you dont really need to belt you have everything in lif you could possibly want or need. I should be thankful.
    I really hope the belt goes to someone really in need.
    Merry Christmas Everyone!

  29. Steve Knapik

    Lots of good stories here. This raffle is not just about how you were helped out in 2012 but also how you may have helped someone else. A true test of one’s character is to do something good while no one is looking 🙂 In a world where we are bombarded with lousy stories every day we don’t hear of all the good things we all do without every realizing it.

  30. RyanF

    I’m in. I’ve helped and I’ve donated, but I’d rather not toot my own horn on here. If you happen to pick my name, I will gladly share my experiences through email. Thanks for the chance.


  31. John B

    The list of people who have helped me is a long one. I live right on Barnegat bay. My wife and I rode out Superstorm Sandy until the point where the bay rose 4 feet in the matter of 15 minutes. We barely got out of our neighborhood, driving through water over the headlights of my full sized truck as we left.

    First on my list of helpers is my brother Jamie, who, when we realized there was too much flooding to get back out to our house, put on his waders and walked the 1.2 miles in thigh deep water, through floating debris and who knows what else, to check on and secure my house. (If I am lucky enough to win this belt, it is going to him).

    Next is a whole line up of helpers who came by to help clean up. From my friend Alex at Lighthouse Sportfishing to my wife’s friends Meghan and Brian, my wife’s co-worker Quintas and his fellow Clinton firemen, my friend Courtney, and my wife’s cousins Maura and Stephanie. and I am sure I am forgetting a few…

    My neighbor’s Barbara, Chi, Scott and his son Danny. If I had to go through this ever again, these are the right people to have to endure and share hardship with.

    We also had a whole bunch of people drop off supplies when we had no heat, from my cousin Dave to an old friend from high school who dropped off kerosene, propane, and wood to help heat the house. What a way to have a 25 year reunion, eh?

    And then there is my friend Barbara who drove all the way down from Wellfleet out on Cape Cod to deliver propane and spend a few days helping to clean up.

    I don’t foresee that I can ever repay all of these people, and I am grateful to have the friends that I do.

  32. Gilly

    I was anonymously helped by an anonymous gesture which helped awaken my own senses of anonymity. OK, so now let me explain that silly sentence.

    Me and the family were having dinner at a local establishment this past weekend. While awaiting our food, an older gentleman (had to be in his 80’s) was being seated at a nearby table. He was a friendly man quickly striking up a conversation with our table. Aside from him dining alone, it was obvious that he was a lonely man simply looking for conversation. My family and I spoke quietly about how we felt sorry for this man who came into this pub to eat by himself. Not once did the thought of inviting him to join our table, enter our minds. If it did, no one mentioned it.
    When his food finally came, my wife commented on how good it looked (she was being kind more than anything). This lonely old man then insisted on sharing some of it with her. Although she tried refusing, he was comically adamant and had the waitress bring over a small plate so he could share it with her.
    As we were there celebrating a birthday, we felt it only right that we should share a piece of cake with this kind, gentle elder. Shortly after eating the piece of cake, his waitress approached him and they shared words. As she walked away, the man stared at our table and asked….”Did you pay for my dinner?”…As I wasn’t clear on what he asked, he asked again…”Did you pay for my dinner?”. Confused as I was, I answered, “No, sir”. The man stood for a moment longer, looked around the room and said, “well, Thank whoever did”. He then proceeded to walk out the door. I wasn’t sure what had just happened. I actually thought for a moment, did he just “chew and screw” or was he trying to get us to pay his bill?
    As this was not sitting well with me and being that we had the same waitress, I called her over and asked what had just happened. She went on to explain that someone else in the restaurant had noticed this lonely old man, noticed his friendliness with our table and in the Christmas Spirit, decided to anonymously, pay his bill.

    Needless to say, I was humbled. Here I am, tasting the man’s food, feeling sorry for him, not inviting him to sit with us, thinking he “chewed and screwed”…to only find out that there are still very good people out there. People not looking for recognition. People that simply see things and take action. God Bless these people.
    I walked out of there a changed man, and I say this because just this morning, I was Blessed enough to be in a similar situation. While having breakfast with my wife, once again…there was a less fortunate individual sitting nearby. I looked over at my wife and said, “hey you know what…let’s buy somebody breakfast”. After speaking to our waitress, we both smiled at each other as we were Blessed enough to “anonymously” gift someone, Monday’s breakfast. Not a big feat in any way, but a reminder, that when and if you can…you should, help the less fortunate. I’m hoping to make a habit of it.
    Although we’re on the lower-side of what we consider, “middle-class”, even a little help can brighten someone else’s day. During this Holiday season, think of the less fortunate. The next time you find yourself looking at that lonely person having lunch, dinner or breakfast, take a moment to give thanks for your own personal blessings and then make their day.

    God Bless you all during this Holiday Season, as well as the days thereafter. God Bless those 20 little Angels, as well as those 6 adults taken way before their time. May their light shine forever.

  33. JeffL

    I was heading to the beach one day and blew a radiator hose. Had a guy pull up and ask what was going on. Told him what happened he then asked for the info on my truck and then pulled off. About 20 mins later he pulled back up with the hose, antifreeze and the tools needed to replace it. I then told him I only had a debit card and if he would follow me to the atm I would pay him back. He then replied just return the favor to someone else in need. The following day driving off the beach I came upon a fellow that needed a jump start. But no better feeling then being helped when needed or giving help when needed. =)

  34. Dave Whitney

    Awesome stories here Zeno and Steve! Thanks for the chance.
    I know I helped out more than I got in return. Saw some of the best in people and some of the worst.
    Count me out, others deserve it more!

  35. Pistol Pete

    I have artistic talent, but that doesnt get things fixed when they are broken… my brother who can fabricate or fix anything drops anything he is doing and comes to my aid anytime I need him… I owe him big… Love you brother

  36. Tyson

    There is a homeless guy down by the back bay, where I fish in the spring. I drop by his tent to give him some can goods and bottle water for him. I can’t say I am the only one, but it good to know the plug, bait, and fly guys care about others. Best thing is evreyone gives what they can to help him. Unfortunately I fear that Sandy swept his tent away as he was just a bit above sea level in the woods. I do have to visit him and hopefully he is well. Again I am sure the fisherman have gone back out there to help him:)

  37. Adam

    The person who helped me out the most this year was my wife, Colleen. After 6 years of living too far from the ocean, my wife agreed to sell our house & move me back to long Island! I fished MTK this fall from September till Sandy hit. Bringing me back home has has been the best thing I could imagine besides my kids. I have fished more in these last 4 months than i did the last 6 years put together. My wife moved away from the town she grew up in leaving her Mother & Sister behind.

  38. Richard aka Woodwker99

    I wish I had some one I could think of that helped me out other then my son Tim. He bought me my FINS pass this year, just because he knew that I couldn’t this year. But as no good deed goes unpunished,Sandy hit only giving me a chance to get on the beach twice. Now I hear that they are going to leave the new (old) inlet be and we may not get to drive FINS ever again. In either case I thank my Son for his help.

  39. Peter Douma

    Im in,

    got a story sort of embarrasing. left my keys in my jeep in the lower lot in montauk and of course locked the doors. so now im freaking out cus i want to start fishing this the tide, and i am locked out my my jeep. Luckily the guys next to us, who also were form jersey, helped me out and got me into the truck very fast. made a bad situation pretty good.

  40. David Strom

    Well, Z, my sister Kris and her partner LeAnn were a HUGE help to me… I needed to clean my stuff out of my Dad’s basement in September, also my daughter’s stuff who lives on the West Coast. So, Kris & LeAnn came & spent the day carrying, sorting, repacking in boxes. Made an ordeal relatively painless. I cannot thank them enough.

    My Dad & step-mother are just planning to sell the house & move to an apartment/condo in a retirement community where they won’t have to do yardwork, so no big sad scene, I just had a lot of stuff that I had left there.

    Thanks for all the stuff you put online — Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all the SJ-ers.

  41. Ken

    Hi Zeno , Merry Christmas to you and the SJ crew . I already have this belt and love it so if I win it’s going to a guy I fish with who has no belt . Anyway the nice thing that a woman at the bank always does for me is – Whenever I go to the bank and say hello to her and ask how she is doing she always says that she is blessed . When I leave the bank this always makes me reflect on my own life and realize how blessed I am .

  42. lurejunkie

    merry christmas, well in the last year i took many friends fishing, got one to start surfcasting, with gear i lent him. when one friend was transfered to miami i set him up with one of my rod and reel outfits. taught about 110 anglers basic fishing skills through the ct care program. hosted a surfcasting seminar at a dinner put on by a local club. one co-worker, who i started fishing 2 years ago is now outfishing me on a regular basis. volunteered to be chief instructor at the ct family ice fishing day in february. and actually got out fishing a couple of time too.

  43. DonR

    Here on LBI everyone is in the same boat (pardon the pun). Friends, neighbors and relatives all had so much to clean up for themselves couldn’t really ask for help. My two saviors came from non-fisherman, I know right, we didn’t think they existed. First was the guy that was best man at my wedding about 31 years ago. He was there ripping out walls and sub-floors about 2-3 times a week. His work ethic kept me from throwing in the towel when it felt so hopeless. The 2nd is my cousin’s husband. They had stayed at our house for two weeks this past summer and had been renting on the island the last several years—they certainly understand the “beach” life. He is an electrician by trade. Tirelessly working every Saturday and Wednesday not only did he rewire the first floor he helped the plumber get the furnace back up and running.
    Don’t know how we’ll ever repay these guys. God bless them!!
    Merry Christmas.

  44. Sherwood Lincoln

    Last year I authored a book; but having no idea how to get started & publish it I was given Zeno’s number by a mutual friend and he recommended I give him a call. He assured me Zeno would be glad to assist me in getting started. Needless to say Zeno stepped up and helped out with not only solid advice but shared the names of his graphic designer and printer. When the book was finally published he then supplied his contacts where I may be able to sell it. Then to top it all off he gave the book a great review on S.J. I’m very aware how busy Zeno is yet he took time out to help a googan author. This shows what kind of man he is. I will be forever greatful for his kindness & generosity. That is how someone helped me this year. Merry Christmas Zeno. I hope you and your family have a safe & prosperous new year.


  45. gus

    I was helped by a group from my church that came over to mud out my home after Sandy hit it. Also, my company gave me a grant to help with the cost of repairs. Jersey will come back realt strong. The LOVE from everyone is showing up everywhere.


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