Win a Tackle Solutions Surf ‘N Boat Tackle Tote

I always struggled with storing gear in my truck. I know some guys build intricate wood draws, I tried that but did not care for the weight. I ended up with cheap plastic file folder box and tennis balls containers. How is that working out? It’s a disaster as you can imagine. You stuff the leaders in between the tubes, stuff  plugs in the tubes, and by about 3rd trip of the year everything is married, the bucktails are on bottom of tubes, unreachable, the rubber is melting in the…and I kind of gave up on it.

But then I’ve seen a Surf-N-Tote at Saltwater Edge few weeks ago and I said to myself this might be just what I need.  What are the  features? You mean in addition to 5 mounted LED lights on the inside ? 🙂

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If you’re interested in owning the Tackle Tote, feel free to get an order in from the Edge. In the event you are the winner of the giveaway, they will put through a full credit (including shipping) for the price of the Tote you ordered

The Surf ‘N Boat Tackle Tote is one of the latest innovations in a new line of large saltwater tackle storage solutions. It can hold dozens of big lures along with tools and terminal tackle – all with easy access. Gone are the days of blobs of razor sharp trebles tangled together at the bottom of 5 gallon pails. No longer will you need to deal with plastic boxes sliding around your truck or boat deck. All your tackle stays in one convenient, ready to use location.

Surf ‘N Boat

– super heavy duty waterproof and lightweight plastic tote
– up to 235 hook holders that can store lures up to 12.5″ long
– huge waterproof inside space to fit large items like large surf bags and multiple plano boxes
– fits easily in truck, trunks or boat cooler racks
– manufactured with all corrosion proof materials
– lid connected with heavy duty think nylon hinges
– 5 LED interior mounted removable touch light for night fishing and rigging
– (4) EZ access pop top terminal tackle bottles – quick access to small items like snap, swivels, and crimps
– tool storage bar for screwdrivers, pliers, crimping tools and hook outs
– scissors with stainless steel blades and coiled lanyard included
– (2) 8 mil thick clear vinyl pockets under lid for tide charts, maps or the included striped bass and bluefish length/weight/age charts
– engineered and built in the USA with 90% USA made content. Retail price $199


Holy crap, a lot of thought went into making these totes. I want to order one at the Edge website  but first i have to  get the Amex out of wife’s purse . But you, the readers of Surfcaster’s Journal Blog don’t have to go to that extreme . You are a lucky bunch because you have now a chance to win one, courtesy of Tackle Solutions and Edge Angling.

Just say you “I am in” for a chance to win it. We will pick a winner in few days

Good luck

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685 comments on “Win a Tackle Solutions Surf ‘N Boat Tackle Tote

  1. Bob Mirynowski

    Saw plans to make your own in On the Water,but
    I’d rather win one than make one! Thanks,I’m in.

  2. Frank DeMartino

    I’m in. I love the idea . I’ve been using buckets every time I make a sharp turn instant mess.

  3. Cheryl

    What a great item! I’m in!!!! Perfect for storage and organizing the large saltwater flies I love to tie! Thanks!!!!

  4. Vladislav Gluk

    I am in! Between having multiple tackle boxes and a bucket and trying to fit a baby stroller all the time in the trunk, this will be a life saver and keep the wife happy.

  5. Steve C.

    I’m in. Tote looks like it was built by and for real fishermen. Thanks for the chance to win one Edge Angling and Surcaster’s Journal!

  6. John Robinson

    I am in! Very nice tackle solution for those long trips in the beach buggy that usually wind up with disorganized, wet, sandy plugs and metal all over the car….

  7. Tristan Bedford

    I am in. This is an amazing giveaway, amazing for me, who has a lot of tackle, and i love surfcasters journal!

  8. Dave H.

    I am in. Just saw those at the Saltwater Edge and they are pretty sick. Better than my milk crates.

  9. steve j

    im in! im so tired of my milk crates and pvc tubes..i have three of them and they all weigh a ton. plus, the bigger lures get stuck in the bottom grating of the milk crate

  10. Luke pinkham

    I’m in, this would be great for me so when im surf fishing its much neater than a regular tackel bow

  11. Joe B.

    Count me in Z.

    Happy Independence Day to everyone at SCJ.

    Thanks to all of you for bringing all of us such a consistently excellent on-line magazine !


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