Win a Superline Shears from Berkley Fishing

the winner of EbbPoint Carabineer is …. cpt jack

you have 5 days to send your shipping address to

Thanks again to Nick at Ebb point Surf Fishing ( for his generosity

 Some of you have asked us to make the giveaway a bit more “challenging”…I guess luck alone is not enough, some of you need to show you “skills”

So here is the deal. I am going to pick three of my favorite pictures of this issue

 You have to pick not one but two pages where two of my favorite pictures in this issue are located. Get it, I pick three, you have to guess two? Am I going too fast for you?

Let me slooooow it down, I need to get my proofreader involved

Ok, get set , Go!

What will you win ?

How about these SuperLine Shears from Berkley Fishing Products ?

oh..btw..its 6 am and I already deleted 10 “I am in” posts…and they call me slow ?….lol


[issuu showflipbtn=true documentid=110508225219-e8758a6b96d645c0a4184fd7e909a62a docname=sjissue7 username=SURFCASTERS_JOURNAL loadinginfotext=Surfcaster’s%20journal width=420 height=162 unit=px]

25 comments on “Win a Superline Shears from Berkley Fishing

  1. woodwker99

    41, 61 and the back cover. And I want to ask (unless I missed it) why this new love of 2 piece rods?


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